Brain Abundance, Day 14

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“Watch what happens when you combine a BREAKTHROUGH product that

everybody NEEDS… with the HOTTEST compensation plan in the industry…

powered by the most POWERFUL system ever created, and a leadership team

that is COMMITTED to helping YOU win?”

These words I live by now, ever since I joined Brain Abundance. It’s Day 14, and I have had great results with the supplement, as well as creating a powerful down-line. The numbers are amazing and will work for anyone who joins Brain Abundance. All you have to do is sign people up and brain Abundance will send a series of emails to your prospects. It works!

Let’s talk about the supplement: Brain Fuel Plus:

“Three capsules of Brain Fuel PLUS each day can help:










This is exactly what it does. I’ve been taking three pills each morning for a week and I am more focused during the day and sleep like a log at night. For people with more serious ailments, like panic attacks, anxiety, and Depression, even Alzheimer’s, this can help. If you work in the health industry, you could turn your clients on to this and make a serious downline and residual income for years to come. If you have lots of friends and family this is a great opportunity as well, especially if your family is getting up in years and need mental function support. I recommend this. Have fun with it. Sign up now and take a free tour, look around, check out your “Back Office” and buy a bottle to lock in your commissions.

Here’s a short video about Brain Abundance’s Powerline. See you on the other side!




Brain Abundance, Day 7

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 Day 7

Hi Everyone,

As you know I have joined Brain Abundance. For those of you who do not know what Brain Abundance is, it’s a new company, still in pre-launch mode until January 15th, two days away. They offer the first COMPLETE NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT for the brain. It fights fatigue, stress, anxiety and a lot more we don’t even know about yet. I’ve read testimonials on the corporate Facebook page, of people reducing their medication because of it.

Anyways, the company is a hot new topic for marketers and sufferers alike. Marketers of the product are receiving the best commissions in the industry, with a binary commission structure, where you can still get paid, even if one leg is very weak. And, there’s no flushing.

“New members in your teams can be placed by any of your Team Members below you, or by any team members ABOVE you in the Binary. This is called spillover and it happens FAST. All new members count equally and globally to unlimited depth…and with our state-of-the-art Powerline system, you may ALREADY have members signed up under you RIGHT NOW!

In the event that there is unused volume, (Example: You had 200 people in your left leg and 160 in your right, and earned 160x$20 = $3200, there are still 40 people in your left leg that you didn’t get paid on yet), ALL of that volume will carry over to be used next month – No Flushing!” This is the description in my back office.

So, I signed up. Unlike Skinny Body Care, similar mlm structure, I didn’t receive ONE SIGNUP! I had up to 1000 views a day on my landing page for SBC and nothing came out of it. I think it’s because SBC was already two years old and the market was saturated.

Well, Brain Abundance felt different from the start. I already had a sign-up under me, on my downline, the day I signed up. I didn’t really have the money to buy a bottle ($59+20 first time fee) but I kept getting captivating emails from their system. By the time I received their email that converted me right away was this: “You will be ‘leap-frogged’ by other members, if you don’t lock in your position now.” (Locking your position in is buying at least one bottle a month.) So, I feared losing potential commissions, took my last available credit card, and took the leap of faith.

That leap of faith was the best thing I did. I am receiving tons of interest every day and I’ve never seen this kind of excitement before. I will be continuing this journal of sorts to share with you my successes and trials with Brain Abundance. I hope you join me. Take the leap of faith:


Brain Abundance Review

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Finding the best supplement to assist nourish and care for your mind can be tough. Though several multivitamin pills claim that they are working to boost your brain, there are couple of that are suited specifically toward brain wellness. As the most important body organ in the body apart from the heart, it stands to factor that those finding a mind supplement would count on an ingenious brand-new item like Brain Abundance. With a supplement that is geared particularly towards the wellness of the brain, this item offers an extremely beneficial chance for those looking for both settlement and a product that works.

DONT Wait, Click Here to Join NOW!

Brain Abundance is an internet marketing business which is presently in pre-launch mode meaning that online marketers have an opportunity to obtain in on the action prior to everyone launch of the item. Those seeking an opportunity to be a part of something larger compared to many spending chances could enroll in free information regarding the product, the gaining probabilities, and a lot more. Payments are based on compensation degrees. This implies the greater a vendor is on the compensation ladder, the additional cash they can make with each sale. Nailing down your position by registering now is the most effective means to guarantee that your payment is MAXIMIZED!

Payments function simply with this item and payment program related to it. First of all, Fast Start Commissions with Infinity Coded Overrides indicates that for every new individual that an individual presents to the product, that folks could make between $25 and $75 for the initial item order. With 6 generations of coded overrides that are based upon ranking, individuals could earn as much as $10.50 for every order of everyone on the team. There is no real restriction to just how numerous individuals can enlist on one team or just how much folks could make in Fast Start or Coded Overrides. This program permits for the most cash to be made in the fastest and simplest means possible.


Join our Featured Team Mastermind HERE and collaborate with some of the top MLM Marketers in business, with earnings in the 7 figure selection, have 24/7 live talk with us! Enter now at Pre-Launch: JOIN NOW!


Atop these earning possibilities, users could additionally make use of a cutting-edge binary payments system that is increased to guarantee that users make the most money possible with this device. In a binary device there are two teams, the left group and the ideal group. When you have nailed down your ranking, folks could track progress of each group, and could be assured that there is no flushing of funds as those that you are not spent for each month rollover. This device guarantees that individuals obtain all the cash they are entitled to for their work each month.


Relocating now to the item itself, this item has 13 essential nutrients and ingredients that assist to preserve and continue the brain healthy. With elements like folic acid, l-glutamine, vitamin b-12, grape seed oil, and a lot more, this product has more helpful components than other on the marketplace. This item concentrates on delivering the crucial fats and nutrients that the brain should grow and increase. Instead of focusing on one area of the brain like memory or loyalty of info, this product is an overall fantastic item that assists to continue the mind healthy all around. This product helps additionally to take care of anxiety and fatigue makings for a healthier brain that can work much better instead of more difficult.


Taking the time to take into consideration the making potential that this product has is an excellent method to guarantee that customers understand just what item they are attempting to sell. This is a fantastic earning possibility for those that are ready to work hard and be dedicated to the source. This is not a make cash quick scam and it will certainly require some work and dedication however is ultimately a wonderful possibility for anybody interested.




Indie Author Tips

What’s the technique of your success?
My viewers. They fell for my publication I gambled on when I pulled it from representatives and chose to self-publish it. Ever since all my excellence can be credited to them. They’re the ones that influence to create stories that touch hearts of mothers. I keep my viewers in thoughts when I upload anything online. It’s not nearly guides anymore. I took my focus off marketing my publications and positioned it on being familiar with my visitors – once I did that, I have not wished to look back!
Just what was the single finest thing you ever did?
I gambled on myself. I would certainly been informed over and over that bursting out in to women’s fiction was challenging and that not many writers could do it. I took that as an obstacle. It was the most effective thing I can have done.
Did you get lucky? Just what took place?
I worked doggedly at ensuring that I reached my core audience. I had self released romance titles previously, so I knew that if I desired this publication to be effective I would need to do points in different ways. I did a testimonial tour with bloggers who review my genre and made a point to keep my cover before readers. In regards to pricing, I examined the ‘big star’ authors and saw what they were priced at and then valued simply a little less than them – as was $7.99. I did an intro price for the first 2 weeks (did free of charge days at the really beginning but never ever afterwards) to attract viewers and achieve reviews then boosted my pricing. Reviews were slowly building and sales kept raising until I drew in the notification of Amazon and they featured me in among their offers (this is where the luck can be found in). All my effort paid off and in less than 2 weeks I went to # 13 on the bestsellers and started to get emails from agents and editors.
How do you get/stay in innovative method?
I’ve constantly been creative but I’m learning that occasionally I need to shut my ridiculous brain off and merely relax. I discover this assists to improve my creativity. I merely sent book 3 to my author and ever since I’ve put in the time to review publications, see flicks and merely permit my creativity revive itself.
Just how do you prioritize?
It’s tough in today’s environment, isn’t it? I make a show of what should be done and have the tendency to work on all social media demands initially (while my mind is still trying to awaken) prior to I dig deep into creating. Unless I’m on a deadline and afterwards nothing gets done till that deadline mores than.
Exactly what’s next for you?
I have a couple of things. I’m working with some indie publications that will appear in the upcoming couple of months, I’ll after that get started on a brand-new females’s fiction series while awaiting my following publication with my publisher, out in the new year (February more than likely) called The Memory Child. I am dealing with a book with a fellow indie author and merely a few evenings ago yet another story involved me that won’t let me go. Obviously, my mind is working overtime and the coffee is constantly developing.
Just what’s your leading tip for various other indie authors?
Surround on your own with various other indie authors who are grabbing the exact same points you are. Always want and wanting to learn and don’t stop composing. Stop focusing so much on the advertising and emphasis as an alternative on your words … nothing sells a publication better compared to the following book – and even though we have actually all listened to that, it’s so real! And remember your viewers. Most of all else – don’t forget your readers:).

Twitter’s Big IPO


Twitter is good to go to launch its initial public offering today, in the largest tech IPO given that Facebook began supplying stock for sale last May. Right here’s just what you require to know.

Initially the nuts and bolts: The preliminary cost for a single share of Twitter stock will certainly be established $26, and the company is providing 70 million shares at the open. Nonetheless, the actual “opening” could possibly be considerably greater, depending upon exactly what capitalists are actually about to pay once trading starts. The stock will certainly trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the sign TWTR.

If those numbers hold, the firm stands to raise a little over $1.8 billion from the providing, placing its general valuation at around $18.1 billion. Experts could possibly additionally supply 10.5 thousand even more shares if they decided to launch them, suggesting that the company might increase a total amount of $2.1 billion.

Whether or not Twitter is actually deserving of that assessment is still up for argument, however. The factor for capitalist excitement, according to Business Insider’s Henry Blodget (a former technician stock analyst himself), comes from Twitter’s status as a not-yet completely matured firm. When Facebook began trading last year, its stock initially foundered, however that firm had already started to decelerate in regards to income development– whereas Twitter’s expectation that it won’t be profitable up until 2015 suggests a larger risk that likewise offers larger incentives, margin-wise.

Twitter is likewise pitching its early excellence on mobile devices, where it pulls 70 percent of its advertisement income from, as the future of media usage.

However, that huge earnings does not already existing yet, and is not ensured, which is why lots of capitalists are staying away from the IPO. A team of 15 monetary advisors polled by CNBC all said that they were not advising clients to get stock, though that has even more to do with a basic avoidance of I.P.O.s compared to with Twitter specifically. Others just think the company, which has actually never made a profit, simply isn’t worth that much. One advisor informed Bloomberg that, “When you consider evaluations and take a look at the absence of revenues and earnings, it seems to me similar to the dot-com bubble.”.

Others pointed to the solution’s learning curve as a factor of caution. The New York Moments supplied this example of how the solution can seem bulletproof to new users, limiting its ability to increase:.

Camp NaNoWriMo, Anytime, Anywhere

Ever become aware of Camp NaNoWriMo?

I’m a writer by nature. Always have actually been and hopefully, constantly will be. It’s just what I enjoy the most so I was pretty thrilled when I became aware of NaNoWriMo – National Book Composing Month – in 2009 via a serendipitous bout of surfing the internet. The concept is to create a 50,000 word story in thirty days, no holds disallowed. I was instructed to lock away my internal editor and let loose. However, being a hater of failure, I was also frightened to take part, stressed that I wouldn’t be able to write so much in so little time. An entire novel in four weeks? It seemed outrageous so in spite of making my account (and a little bit versus my suspicion), I left it dormant for that year.

When 2010 rolled around, I plunged right in (or should that be “write in”?) and gained with merely a couple of hundred words over 50,000. Because then, I have taken part in every event– three November NaNoWriMos and 5 Camp NaNoWriMos with six wins and two losses. Via the occasions, I have actually complied with a whole host of individuals online, some of which I have actually continued to be buddies with after the events.

Beginning in July 2011, Camp NaNoWriMo is a sequel of November’s NaNoWriMo. The brainchild of Chris Baty, the occasion started in July 1999 with only 6 people participating. Last year, there were 341,375 participants, a total word count of 3,288,976,325 and 38,438 winners. That’s not even counting the Youthful Writers’ Program for under-13s and university teams. And you can be a part of this phenomenon also with two Camp NaNoWriMos a year and the initial occasion every November.

For Camp NaNoWriMo, the idea is to make the occasion seem as much like a summer camp as feasible. Users are arranged into “log cabins” of four to six individuals. It can be random or to fit your own requirements– word goal, category, age– or if you wish, you can opt out of a log cabin (though it’s a great deal more enjoyable to have a few other people supporting you on and having their own struggles!). It’s a fantastic feeling to know that many thousands, also hundreds of countless individuals across the world all having something alike for a month.

The composing procedure is broken down in to everyday sections: the objective is to write 1667 words a day for the thirty days. For the typical person, that would certainly take around a hr to create. One hour a day, committed to composing, is not almost as scary as a book in a month! Some days it’s greater than workable and I could write many thousands and keep going. Other days I battle to squeeze out a couple of hundred words. I adore to get a good head start and have a few thousand after the very first two days– it’ll settle later on in the month.

You cannot go far incorrect with NaNoWriMo. All kind of individuals compose all type of points, from fantasy to horror, fanfic to humor. You could be part of “The Rebels” and create non-fiction, or ongoing a story you have actually already started. I like to compose teen fiction, usually with a romance involved– throughout the Camp occasions, it is particularly refreshing to create a straightforward summery story. If you intend to discuss the Reign of terror, great. A team olden females in a town? Fine also! Even the mating routines of turtles is a-ok, if you assume you could compose sufficient about it. I as soon as joined “The Rebels” when I composed 25,000 words of one book and 25,000 of one more after losing my inspiration.

You only need to sign up with the site and you can do that whenever, also half-way with the occasion if you want. There are two main groups: the pantsers and the coordinators. I have attempted both and often like preparing now: pantsing is “zipping the seat of your pants,” or primarily, beginning your story without a strategy, no concept of just what will take place. It can be extremely enjoyable yet tough!

So, if this sounds like your kind of thing (and I very suggest it) after that look into the site today. Then everyday. It’s a bit habit forming. I could possibly tell you a lot a lot more but it’ll be more of a journey for you to find it out for yourself. With NaNoWriMo correct almost to start, I hope I’ll have inspired a few of you to give it a go. Even if you do not reach your target, you have actually composed more than you had before.

Twitter’s Rocky IPO


Twitter’s IPO road show didn’t get off the best start, but an upgraded S-1 filing Monday increased the company’s stock price, which excels news for capitalists. But the company also divulged a pending legal battle that might turn some people away.

Twitter raised its stock price selection to between $23 and $25 per share when it ultimately attacks the New York Stock Exchange this month, giving the social networks messaging system a complete $17 billion evaluation. The new cost is up significantly from the original $17 to $20 each share Twitter had listed. That was the morning’s excellent news.

However the problem was disclosing the possibility of a looming, consuming lawful fight with IBM over three alleged license violations. Twitter believes it will certainly be able to protect itself in court, or find an ideal negotiation with IBM, but warns financiers that you could never be too sure regarding these things and legal battles always set you back heaps and stacks of cash. It’s not the kind of thing you want new capitalists considering prior to our IPO.

Right here’s Twitter’s cautionary caution, and calming guarantee in its own words:.

Business in the Internet, technology and media industries own huge numbers of patents, copyrights, trademarks and profession secrets, and frequently become part of litigation based upon accusations of breach, misappropriation or other offenses of intellectual property or other freedoms. Lots of firms in these markets, including numerous of our rivals, have considerably larger license and copyright collections compared to we do, which could possibly make us a target for litigation as we may not have the ability to assert counterclaims against events that sue us for patent, or various other intellectual property infraction. In addition, various “non-practicing bodies” that possess patents and various other intellectual property freedoms often attempt to boldy assert cases in order to extract value from modern technology firms. From time to time we get cases from third parties which affirm that we have actually infringed upon their intellectual property freedoms. In this regard, we lately received a letter from International Company Machines Corporation, or IBM, alleging that we borrow on a minimum of 3 U.S. licenses held by IBM, and inviting us to work out a business resolution of the allegations. The 3 licenses particularly identified by IBM in the letter were U.S. License No. 6,957,224: Efficient access of consistent source locators, U.S. License No. 7,072,849: Technique for presenting advertising in an interactive service and U.S. License No. 7,099,862: Programmatic revelation of usual contacts. Based after our initial assessment of these patents, we think we have meritorious defenses to IBM’s accusations, although there can be no assurance that we will succeed in preventing these accusations or getting to a business resolution that is satisfactory to us. Additionally, periodically we may introduce new products and services, featuring in locations where we presently do not have a providing, which might improve our direct exposure to license and other copyright claims from rivals and non-practicing entities. In addition, although our standard terms and conditions for our Promoted Products and public APIs do not give marketers and platform partners with indemnification for copyright cases versus them, several of our contracts with advertisers, system partners and data partners need us to indemnify them for sure intellectual property cases against them, which might require us to incur significant costs in protecting such claims, and might need us to pay considerable damages in the event of a damaging ruling. Such advertisers, system partners and data partners could also cease usage of our products, services and innovations as a result of injunctions or otherwise, which might cause reduction of earnings and adversely effect our business.
So the new assessment is excellent information, but the legal disclosure is a big go back on Twitter’s already rocky IPO roadway program. The greatest tech public offering because Facebook certainly hasn’t been fulfilled with the very same rockstar like reaction from fans or journalism. When Mark Zuckerberg exhibited Facebook to financiers, mobs of people shrieked and press stuffed in to every nook and breach of every feasible room. At the same time, on Twitter’s road program: “Yet below on the 36th flooring of the Midtown Manhattan Mandarin Oriental hotels and resort in the lush Time Detector Center merely off Central Park West, I am the only reporter visible,” Arash Massoudi mentioned in the Financial Times last week. The dining rooms have actually been vacant. Which is terrible, since press reporters are losing out on a nice free lunch– much better compared to the one Facebook provided, at the very least.

NanoWriMo Is Underway


A lot of us like to envision that we have a story in us, if only we could find time to write it. It’s the most complete kind of literary art, requiring reflection, psychological dedication and, typically, the complete alienation of family and friends. But suppose you could knock it off in a month?
For an expanding online neighborhood, NaNoWriMo is that month. Short for National Story Composing Month, it’s an internet hub of fledgling writers who each invest the entire of November working on a book, from beginning to end.
Fourteen years considering that it was founded by Chris Baty in San Francisco, NaNoWriMo now has online authors on every continent (featuring, apparently, Antarctica). Technically it’s now Worldwide Story Creating Month, however the initial name has actually stuck.
Individuals register totally free at to log their improvement and share stress and anxiety degrees in the online forums. Last year 341, 375 individuals took on the difficulty. This year, organisers anticipate around 500,000 to register.
What are the policies? According to Baty, a book is 50,000 words. Some would argue that’s a novella (though it’s virtually double the length of Truman Capote’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s, at 26,532 words), yet the NaNoWriMo website determines a book as “a prolonged job of fiction. Beyond that, we allow you decide whether your composing drops under the going of book.
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“Simply put: If you think you’re writing a story, we believe you’re writing a story too.”.
It’s a hefty difficulty. The target of 50,000 words in one month means you need to produce 1,667 every day, which is hard sufficient to match about work, study and a socializing prior to you even begin fretting about exactly how long a story should be.
If you do manage to get to 50,000 words prior to December 1, you can call on your own a NaNoWriMo winner. Success tales consist of Sara Gruen’s Water for Elephants, which was made into a movie starring Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon in 2011. In total, greater than 250 NaNoWriMo books have actually been released.
WATCH: Water for Elephants trailer.
However cash and popularity are far from the only goals. Isobel Norris is a lately certified teacher in Swansea. She’s attempting NaNoWriMo this year because, she says, “I intend to kickstart writing once more, as I’ve primarily not written anything over the in 2012 while I was doing my PGCE. And naturally it’s scary since anything I begin is rather rubbish.
“But then with NaNo it’s mostly regarding generating bunches of product that you could deal with later on, so it removes that pressure of having to write something ‘excellent’ straightaway.”.
It’s a literary shot in the arm rather than a shortcut to the Man Booker. “It’s such an effective antidote to that awful opponent of ingenuity: self-doubt,” states Give Faulkner, NaNoWriMo’s executive supervisor. “As several NaNoWriMo authors have actually discovered, the best way to learn to create a novel is by merely plunging in to write a book.”.
For people who harbor imagine ending up being a writer, NaNoWriMo is a significant initial step. And if you do push away all your loved ones, at least they’ll have forgiven you by Xmas. Tolstoy probably couldn’t say the same.

After you’re done with NanoWriMo, give your book a boost with AK Elite:


Your Email List Is Important

Below I’ll cover a couple of factors connecting to the significance and efficient usage of an E-mail Marketing Listing. I wish you discover something valuable in them.

1) Why is a Mailing List so Crucial? If you have actually been attempting to establish an on-line business for greater than 1 hr, you’ll have read through somewhere that ‘The cash is in The List!’. Chances are that initially you will have overlooked that advice – ‘Not for me, all I should do is offer some associate items and I’ll be a success’. Ideally by now you have actually changed your thoughts! A listing is necessary because:

1. It provides you long-term consumers, not one-offs \* You save cash due to the fact that you don’t have to keep on advertising and marketing to your customer base \* It provides you certainty!
2) Is a Big List Important? Well, of course and no. Yes, due to the fact that certainly in the future a huge list will certainly produce additional profit. No, since if you treat your clients correctly and you handle your checklist successfully, you can make exceptional make money from a checklist of simply 2-3000 subscribers. Keep in mind the 2 words I just utilized – ‘correctly’ and ‘successfully’.

3) Just what is The Number One Blunder The majority of Marketers Make? Basically the leading error is that the fantastic majority of marketers get hypnotized by numbers! They simply focus on getting a bigger and larger list, BUT this is unavoidably done at the cost of their actual customers! In other words, they view on their clients as simple numbers, NOT player.
The most reliable point you can do is to discover to establish excellent relationships with your subscribers. Discover what pushes their buttons (there ARE ways to discover this info) then manage them in the method they such as to be treated.
Discover to develop an excellent relationship long prior to you ever attempt and sell them something. Accomplish This and you will certainly locate that your online earnings increase in a manner you can barely dream about!

4) Exactly what Should I do Following? Right here are a few actions for you to think about:  Establish a series of introductory messages that you will certainly deliver to your brand-new clients in order to create a partnership with them. Essentially these will certainly cover a period of at the very least 2 weeks.
DO NOT attempt and sell them anything, but DO try to give them some genuinely useful details. Locate some valuable cost-free gifts to hand out. Don’t overdo with this though.  Find some magazines that deal with the subject of list development.
So there you have it. Adhering to these couple of steps will certainly assist make sure that you could quickly develop a very profitable listing, and conserve a LOT of irritation.
Since’s a win-win situation!

Bill Gates Speaks About The World and Zuckerberg


When Mark Zuckerberg revealed his intention to offer Net to the two-thirds of the world without on the internet accessibility, he asked, “Is Connectivity a Human Right?” On Friday, Bill Gates highly criticized the idea of the Net as a world savior. “As a top priority? It’s a joke,” he claimed in a job interview with the Financial Moments on Friday.

That’s not a new line of criticism, but Gates is now the most famous tech celebrity to sign up with that carolers. Back in May, one unnamed entrepreneur informed The New Yorker, “They really believe that Facebook is visiting be the relief for several of the world’s problems. It isn’t sarcasm– it’s arrogance and lack of knowledge.” Yet an unnamed Silicon Valley individual pales in evaluation to the behemoth of Bill Gates, that echoed that view. “Take this malaria injection, [this] unusual thing that I’m considering,” Gates sardonically informed Financial Times. “Hmm, which is more vital, connection or fever and ague injection? If you believe connectivity is the essential point, that’s great. I do not.” Don’t take that as tossing shade on modern technology, though, as its even more directed at the misguided tech gifting:.

“I certainly adore the IT point,” he states. “But when we want to enhance lives, you have actually reached manage even more basic things like kid survival, youngster nutrition.”.
Financial Moments keeps in mind that Gates’s trainers attempted to prevent the Times from publishing that unfavorable judgment to avoid beginning a fight after the meeting. But Gates raises an essential ethical question of how to ideal invest money, one worth dealing with. While the Gates Foundation has put a focus on removing polio, take into consideration how Zuckerberg’s money would certainly have been invested had he targeted an additional typical, avoidable illness like consumption. As the charts listed below show, the locations without Web and those with greater prices of TUBERCULOSIS are fairly similar.

tuberculosis bill gates zuckerberg.

It’s not a chance that bad healthcare and an absence of a largely accessible Internet are located in comparable spots. After Zuckerberg’s statement, The Wire and The Nyc Moments, to name a few, questioned whether Zuckerberg’s philanthropy was truly benevolent or whether it was based upon economic motives– after all, additional Internet could possibly suggest much more Facebook users, while eradicating consumption indicates absolutely nothing for Zuckerberg’s profit. However in a message he wishes all Silicon Valley listens to, Gates makes the concern of Zuckerberg’s intent completely moot.