MLM Companies to Avoid

If you are looking for a Home-Based Business, the one you choose will greatly impact the difference between earning good money or losing good money.

The first company I chose didn’t do anything for me, the product or the conversions. I tried everything to promote it, but I was getting no results whatsoever.

When I switched companies a month later, I saw instant results with my conversions. It felt right and I loved the product. If you don’t like the product, you’re not going to make it far in network marketing.

My rule of thumb is, if you can’t share it with your mom then it’s probably not good. Stay away from companies that offer third-party products. If they don’t have their own product, they are riding close to being labeled as a Ponzi scheme by the FTC.

Stay away from mobile apps and services that can be easily bought anywhere else, same with sports drinks and precious metals. If you can get gold at $1250 an ounce and this is the “market value”, it’s going to be hard to sell your MLM company to future prospects when they know this.

Find a product that you love and is needed. I chose a product that is at a price-point anyone can afford and is a one bottle business. If you’re just starting out in Network marketing, don’t pick a company that has tons of products and it costs over $150 a month to be a distributor. That’s too much to spend when you’re first starting out.

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Pay It Forward in MLM

pay it forward

When you were young you probably thought the world revolved around you. As you grew older, life probably readjusted your thinking.

I remember my ego burning a lot of bridges and it seemed I used people a little, like when I was practically homeless and people helped me and fed me. I’ve had girlfriends take care of me, etc, and I’m not really proud of it, nor am I ashamed. I learned a lot from those experiences, now I can pay it forward helping others.

I’m in my Forties now and the world looks completely different. It seems I am the one giving to others, more than they give back. But, I am paying it back for my early selfishness and I’m glad to contribute.

As that actor stated in Life is Beautiful “There ‘s so much beauty in the world, that it hurts.” Yes, I’m paraphrasing. I don’t know the exact words, but it’s true. Do you remember being selfish and now you look back and knew what you did?

I think the most rewarding things today are helping people see another, better way of life.  In Network Marketing it’s about self-development and helping others achieve their definition of success. I like to see their realization that they don’t have to work for anybody else again.

My ultimate satisfaction in paying it forward is seeing people around the world achieving success and quitting their day jobs, escaping the horrible traffic jams, the smog, and having enough money to pay off their bills. What’s your story? I would like to hear from you. please leave a comment below. If you haven’t started a Home-Based business yet, I would seriously consider it. You can check this one out for FREE:


What Are MLM Leads?


What Are MLM Leads? First of all, what is MLM? MLM is “Multi-Level Marketing”, also known as Network Marketing.  Multi-Level Marketing  defined by Wikipedia, “ is a marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of the other salespeople that they recruit.”

Now that you know what MLM is, what are “Leads?” Leads are people that have shown an interest in your business opportunity. This is the lifeblood that generates revenue for you and your company. No leads equals no sales. No sales equals no income for you. So, it is very important to keep your “sales funnel” full. “What on earth is a sales funnel?” you might ask.

A sales funnel is basically all of your efforts in advertising and marketing, using tools such as blog articles, YouTube videos, ebooks, etc, all with your website link or capture page. Picture leading people to a giant funnel. Inside that funnel is your offer or opportunity. If they look into your funnel they will go in to see what it is, IF your message is compelling enough.

Once they are in your funnel, you may entice them further with the “benefits” of your opportunity. Almost everyone will think, “What’s in it for me?” So, don’t waste time talking about yourself or your product’s features. Features are the ingredients and details about your wonderful company. They don’t care about that. They want to know if it will make them sleep better, make more money, lose weight, get rid of wrinkles, do their taxes, etc.

Another key component in generating Leads is that people buy into YOU. The benefits of your product may be great, but if they don’t trust you or you dress like crap, or you’re not confident, or too cocky, they won’t join you. So, work on yourself as well. Network marketing, believe it or not is all about self-development.

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My Personal Brain Fuel Plus Review

My Personal Brain Fuel Plus Review:  When I was in my 20′s and 30′s I played hard. I thought I was invincible, until a dark, ominous February morning when I had a heart-attack at the age of 32.

After that, reality slapped me in the face and I awoke into a sober existence without really knowing myself. I had never had healthy social interaction before and so when it came time to socialize, I trembled with fear.


My Personal Testimonial from Erik Johnson on Vimeo.

How is this possible, I thought. I am now afraid of people! It got so bad that on my weekly visit over to my parents house for Sunday dinner, I was struck with panic at the dinner table while speaking to my father. I was so scared.

After that, I reduced caffeine and found herbal supplements, like Kava and Valerian Root. But, I found another supplement that was like a vitamin for the brain. It had plenty of good stuff in it, including Resveratrol, Sensoril and Rhiodola.

After taking this supplement, Brain Fuel plus, I noticed some nice effects, like calm, focused and energized at the same time. All I know is that I am able to interact with people now and sharing this product has given me the chance to pursue this as a career helping people.

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Ego and Success Don’t Mix

Are you a Lifer? from Erik Johnson on Vimeo.

Ego and Success Don’t Mix. This is not a cocktail, although a lot of dreams have been washed down with alcohol as well. When we start out in something new, it is normal to want to run back to comfortable. And, if you are not successful on the first few tries, are ego helps defend our efforts by putting down that opportunity.

I realized that my ego was imprisoning me with self-defeating thoughts and limiting beliefs. I had to let myself go to grow. I killed me. It was a tear-shed, painstaking growth spurt and soon I sprouted out the other end, changed.


Three Things You Need To SUCCEED:

How to Fix Social Anxiety

How to Beat Social Anxiety from Erik Johnson on Vimeo.

How to beat social anxiety is my video on techniques which will help those who suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder. There is nothing worse than to be scared of other human-beings since there are 7 Billion of us, it is useless to hide, but to face the fear head on.

How Music Creates Success

How Music Creates Success from Erik Johnson on Vimeo.

How music creates success is determined by our feelings. Dr. Emoto from Yokohama did experiments with placing flasks of water next to people who expressed different emotions. The water molecules under a microscope looked very different between those who experienced joy and those who experienced anger. Your thoughts matter, especially in attracting business.

Three Things Needed for Success:

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