The Biggest Paycheck in Personal Development

the biggest paycheck in personal development

The Biggest Paycheck in Personal Development – The Secret in Giving

Are you looking for the best return on your money? I don’t blame you. What’s the point of working hard or hardly working if you’re not making profit?

Easy Come. Easy Go

When I started out trying to make money online, I went for the traditional method of investing. I invested in bluechip stocks in the financials. Of course, this was before the financial collapse of 2008-09, so I pretty much lost all my hard-earned money in one stock!

Then, I discovered penny stocks. They were priced low, in fact some of them went all the way down to ten-thousandth of a penny, .0001. If this stock goes from .0001 to .0002, you just doubled your money. A stock could move easily just by a couple thousand dollars invest. The problem is there’s no “liquidity.” Meaning, if you want people to buy your penny stock at .0002, there needs to be enough buying from other investors so you can “get out” at .0002. This is harder than it sounds. So, lost $5000 there.

 Even More Risk

Then, I discovered HYIP’s (High Yield Investment Products), and then Binary Options, then. . .etc etc. The point I’m trying to make is that if you’re looking for fast money, if you do happen to get some, most likely from LUCK, it will leave your hands just as fast. You will be living on a roller coaster ride of either having good money or being flat broke.

 Where the Real money Lies

I discovered that in order to make good money and hold onto it you pretty much have to think like a successful leader, or Millionaire. How did a Millionaire become a Millionaire? He or she worked hard every day, took risks (intelligent risks, not stupid risks) and had insane tenacity. They didn’t let “setbacks” deter them.

So, what pays the highest dividend you ask? Here’s the truth and it seems like a paradox: If you only go after money, you won’t get it. It will run away the more you chase it. Never make money the main priority. You need to offer something to the marketplace without expecting money in return. This is very hard for some people to swallow. So, how do you contribute to the marketplace?

The More you Give. . .

Money ideally is the by-product that comes from something you love doing. What is your passion? What makes you jump out of bed in the morning? You might have to brainstorm to figure out what your dreams were when you were growing up. If you love to race go-carts, you could start a go-cart club for entrepreneurs. You could eventually meld your business opportunity into the conversations at your go-cart club. If you’re a woman, you could help women find their dreams again by being a “life coach.”

The key is to contribute and raise people up. If you can provide “value” to the marketplace without sneaking in your “pitch”, you won’t run out of customers. People will remember you if you help them get what they want, and in the end you get what you want.

Get in the trenches with people. Fight their fight with them. Tap into the talent you were born with and share it with others. Make money the consequence of your selfless service to your marketplace, rather than the sole motivator.

I had to grow up and realize that it wasn’t all about me. Besides, it truly does feel better when you help others rather than yourself. Tony Robbins is a great example of this.

tony robbins

 Tony Robbins

Tony had a dream to help people and become a public speaker. He started out living in his car and scraping by for money. He had the perseverance to rise up the ranks and become one of the most revered public speakers in the world, rubbing elbows with many presidents and holy figures, like the Dalai Lama.

The thing that happened to Tony happened by him just speaking and impacting thousands of lives, and he was able to become a multi-millionaire. I think he has 5 companies, some on the New York Stock Exchange,  and Tony is now worth $480 Million!

 The By-Product just comes…

Money was the by-product. In fact, during a speech, one of his companies went public and his assistant whispered in his ear that he just made $400 Million from the Initial Public Offering of his company’s stock, and guess what Tony didn’t really care. He was more concerned in that moment about helping his audience understand his success principles.

So, the conclusion is:

Find what you LOVE doing.

Find a place in the marketplace or create a completely new marketplace.

Truly help others and the returns will be greater than any other investment.

 best MLM trainer Erik Christian Johnson

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The 4 Best MLM Companies for 2015

MLM Scams 2015

The 4 Best MLM Companies for 2015 – Not What Your Grandma Would Recommend

There is probably nothing better to look forward to in your occupational future as there is in a future in network marketing. More and more people are working from home because it provides more flexibility and freedom, you can work the hours you want to and there’s no income cap.

So, what are the best MLM companies for 2015? I have some great companies for you and not the ordinary ones people usually mention, but some really nice to “first-to-market” companies and special “niche” companies. Here’s number 4:


pure romance review for 2015

Pure Romance


If you want to spice up your love life ladies and you want to share the excitement with your friends, Pure Romance is the business for you! It is a home party company which specializes in sex toys, lubricants and other bedroom furnishings. Founded in 1993, the company is actually rising up the charts of the “Top Direct Selling Companies in the World” over at As of 2010, there were 70,000 consultants.

Pros: The products are amazing and there’s enough variety of products for every woman, including special shaving cream.

Cons: The start-up cost is $250-1000 dollars, not the best entry price for beginning network marketers.



alliance in motion review for 2015

Alliance in Motion


I thought I would include Alliance in Motion because it has the most votes by the public over at BusinessForHome with 10,308 votes, but not only that, I want to include this company because it’s based out of the Philippines, which is the fastest growing country for MLM, with 31.3 percent growth and 1.0 Billion in sales based on data from It’s basically a “supermarket” of products ranging from teeth whitener to coffee. Distributors get their own storefront and earn a commission off the products they sell.

Pros: Straight forward marketplace with a variety of products.

Cons: Too many products.




Organo Gold

Founded by already successful businessman, Bernard Chua, He set out to create a great tasting coffee and other products based with the mushroom called “Ganoderma.”

bernard chua

I personally buy Organo Gold on Amazon, I think the coffee tastes very smooth with no acidity, but I am not a distributor. I love how the company believes in self-development and donates a portion of their profits to the Napoleon Hill Foundation. Two of the members on the Oregano team are in the top 5 highest paid network marketers in the world. Holton Buggs currently makes $1.2 Million a month and Shane Morand makes $1 Million a month.

Pros: Great product. Great leadership and training.

Cons: Distributor kits are expensive.



Brain Abundance review for 2015

Brain Abundance

Founded by Eric Caprarese and Dr. Pejham Behrouzi on January15th, 2014, Brain Abundance is in over a 160 countries with the “first-to-market” natural supplement for the Brain. Testimonials of the product range from helping people reduce or cease altogether certain medications, to helping children with ADHD focus better in school. (I am not making any medical claims, or promote this product as “Healing” anything.)

With 13 natural ingredients, including Sensoril, Resveratrol, Astaxanthin, and Rhodiola, this combination is unmatched anywhere else in the marketplace.

Cons: Relatively new company. 

Pros: This is a one bottle business. You get several “landing pages” and your own corporate website upon upgrading. The price is only $59 a month, plus a one-time fee of $20. (for marketing tools) The entry price is great for anyone who has a desire to earn money from home, or to take the supplement for health reasons.


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Penny for Your Thoughts? How Each Thought Counts

penny for your thoughts

Penny for Your Thoughts? How Each Thought Counts and How it Adds Up

If you know where you want to go, there is an exact line in the Universe mapped out for you. Your consciousness is your “guardian at the gate,” which means it filters out the messages in your life and only allows certain ones to enter your subconscious mind. Since your subconscious mind is like an idiot who believes anything you tell it, it’s very important what your conscious mind feeds it.

Let’s pretend you have an antennae on your head. That antennae amplifies your thoughts and sends them out into the universe. If you think negative thoughts, you send out black jagged lines; If you think positive thoughts, you send out gold shiny lines. Yes, excuse my analogies. So, the universe is getting your message loud and clear. What the universe does with your message is that it tries and match your message with other similar messages.

Once there is a match, you will receive that match back through circumstances, situations and people. If you think negative black lines, more negative black line situations and people will enter your life. If your thoughts are shiny gold lines, you might attract people who are positive and successful like you and that’s the key.

happy people

Design Your Magnet

Yes, I have really lost it. You know those little magnets on the refrigerator that never stick, the paper falls off the fridge and the magnet is lost for good? If everything is shimmering with a type of electrical frequency, then we must be a frequency as well. And, the more you concentrate your thought on one specific thing the more powerful your magnification is.

The more powerful your signal is the faster things will appear for you. You need to interrupt your habitual negative thinking and replace it with the complete awareness that you are in possession of what it is you truly want. If you want to make $5000 a month, write that down on a 3×5 index card and read it when waking up and going to bed, every day.

The more you believe you ALREADY make $5000 a month, the faster it will appear in your life. Of course, you can’t wish for something without contributing first. Whether you contribute back to the marketplace, at your job, or social interaction, you need to GIVE without any expectation of getting a return. Get in the ZONE of giving just for giving sake. There are no free rides, so expect to put in some hard passionate work before seeing results. Is it all worth it? You better believe it! You’re either dying or you’re growing to become a better person, like Freeman said in Shawshank, “either get busy living, or get busy dying.

Nature is Rich. Are You?

Do you remember when you were depressed and everything you looked at looked depressed too; the birds were unhappy, people looked unhappy, even shows on TV seemed stupid and pointless? We perceive the world through are thoughts. Are thoughts can be enemies, or they can be our best friend.

Avoid “surface” thought as much as possible. What is surface thought? It’s your little rambling voice that won’t shut-up. It’s nagging you constantly, i.e. “gotta pick up salad, I don’t know if I have enough gas, look at their car, why can’t we afford a car like that, look how pretty her nails are, why can’t I get those, my husband is cheap sometimes, etc etc.”

Real thought, on the other hand, is deep-thinking that awakens dormant powers. Only about 2 percent of us think deeply. Real thinking is watching every thought that enters your mind and sifting out the negative thoughts. This is harder than you think. Real thinking is focusing on one thought only and that is: “I am so happy and grateful now that I have (insert ultimate goal).” This will be your daily mantra.

My mantra was “I am so happy and grateful now that I make $5000 a week online, my team duplicates daily and we have a beautiful apartment overlooking Central Park.” I said this probably 500 times a day. Yes, I achieved most of those things and my mantras have altered over the years to tackle new goals.

None of this is easy, if it was we would all be rich. Thomas Edison once said, “people focus on hundreds of thoughts. I focus on one.” The more you think about your ultimate goal and obsess about it, the bigger your magnet will become.

If you’re a home-based business owner, you would want to focus on helping your team duplicate your success. The reward lies in helping others get success first. Zig Ziglar talked about this all the time and it’s the pre-dominant theme to success. If you’re greedy and selfish, you won’t get rich and if you do, you won’t keep it. Look at all the fortunes lost to greed, if you don’t believe me watch American Greed on TV.

american greed

Bottom line: The more you think about a THING, the more that THING grows. Watch your thoughts closely and say to yourself “CANCEL” when a negative thought comes up. You are the gardener of your consciousness, and your subconscious is fertile soil, and negative thoughts are the weeds. Take care of your garden and the fruits of your diligent thought will pay off!

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Get Your 3×5 Forced Matrix Ponzi Special Here!

bernie madoff ponzi

Get Your 3×5 Forced Matrix Ponzi Special Here! 2015 Review – The New Flavor of Ponzi Spam


So, you want to make some real fast money quick quick? You wanna  make $5000 by next week? You wanna get your friends all in without recruiting any of them? We have a system that automates everything, even closes your drapes when your not home!

Here on FB groups you can find the best forced Matrix Ponzi’s around! We have purple Ponzis, we have red Ponzi’s, and we have Ponzi’s even for your Grandmother!

The point I’m trying make is that if you’re looking for an opportunity like this, you don’t like to WORK, and if you don’t like to work, you’re probably BROKE. That’s just the way it is and there is no easy money for you.

One of the easiest ways NOT to make money is to invest $1 to $20 into these organized online Ponzi Matrix systems. First of all, the definition of a Ponzi by the Federal Trade Commission is “commissions paid primarily on recruitment.” What that means is that money is paid to you for bringing people in, not money paid to you for selling a consumable product, like what legitimate network marketing companies do.

These 1 to 20 buck online Ponzi schemes appear faster than they get busted. There is a new one every week, yet if they were to make you money, you have to be one of the first ones in and a lot of people have to join for you to get any serious money. The problem is, none of these Ponzi’s grow fast enough to make anyone money. There have been so many of these Ponzis that have been busted and barred from the internet that it’s not even worth mentioning.

There is one I want to mention right now and it’s very hot on FB. It’s tsu and they are, I believe, a Ponzi scheme disguised as a social media platform that pays you to “post articles”. People spam me everyday about this company and they keep yelling at me: “It’s free to join!” Yeah, if it’s truly free why would you care if I joined?

tsu and a Dog Named “Flipper”


Apparently, tsu pays people to post content, like and share articles, like Facebook, but they PAY you. What doesn’t make sense is that tsu probably doesn’t have unlimited funds to pay everyone who feels like posting a article about their dog Flipper, so where does the money come from? It comes from US. So, if you take a closer look, that means we are PAYING to POST on this FREE social media site, which supposedly is FREE to join. Catch my drift?

Instead of paying tsu to do everything you already do on Twitter and Facebook, why even go there? Apparently, internet marketers love tsu because when someone signs up through their link they become a “Lead” not a “follower”. So, what that tells me is that tsu is just a candy shop for internet marketers who can get an unlimited amount of “Leads” because tsu doesn’t have a following limit like Facebook and Twitter. Sounds like an orgy for unlimited spam, and following people with no real interest for following people for similar interests, but to capture them as a “Lead.”

The Prerequisite for Money


Let’s step back a moment and work on ourselves. If there is no real easy money out there, what should you do? For one, turn off your TV and start reading books on success and how to become a “Brand” yourself and use “Attraction Marketing” instead of Ponzi SPAM. Real money lies in how much you “contribute” into the marketplace FIRST, before the money back to you.

What can you contribute to the marketplace? What are you good at? What did you want to be when you were growing up? Let’s say you were a funny extrovert and you could talk about anything. Well, why not become a YouTube celebrity? You could have a weekly show and post a new video every other day until your show becomes popular; You would have a website that you could post at the end of your videos that would bring traffic back to your site.

What if you were a good writer? You could read a great book on success and write a review about it on your website. If you write enough posts, Google will give you more traffic, which equals more sales for you. You have inside you a natural gift you need to share with the world. Find out what that gift is and begin to water it again with aspiration, motivation and determination. If you truly want success, you need to be laser-focused and turn off all negativity in your life: No more negative news, music or old friends.


Conclusion: There will be more clever, more brighter and shinier Ponzi schemes to come. Do your research and find a legitimate network marketing company to join and tap into your natural gifts. Those gifts will PAY YOU THE HIGHEST DIVIDEND. Yes, you won’t see the rewards right away. The internet is more competitive than ever, so you probably need to inject your “brand” into the marketplace consistently for at least a year before you see people finding interest in you.

Stay away from the get-rich-quick and focus on true success and you will become truly proud of yourself, and live a better, more enriched life because of it.

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The Law of MLM: How You Turn On The Money Generator inside You

the law of MLM

The Law of MLM: How You Turn On The Money Generator inside You – 2015 MLM News

Starting a new online business is daunting. It’s a different kind of beast that we need to understand to tame. What we believe about traditional business, marketing and promotion is that it doesn’t really work for a home-based business.

How do you make money in a home-based business when you probably aren’t making any money in your life? if you were making great money already you probably wouldn’t be looking into a home-based business, so I assume you want to make money NOW in a home-based business. So, how do you do that?

First, I see a lot of new online marketers trying to sell many things at once online. They promote 3 different products, a traffic generator, a lead generator and affiliate marketing links all on their social media, then they wonder why they aren’t making any money. So, the first thing you need to do is get LASER-FOCUSED on one niche or product, especially if you don’t have a large social media presence.

Having your own business is hard enough as it is, don’t make it harder by spreading your message thin with many different products/services. Stick to ONE COMPANY and master it and live it. Attend all the company events and stick close to your sponsor. Being in more than one company is like having several lovers, your love is not focused and eventually you will lose one of them. Same with business. You won’t make any money talking about several businesses. You are not a SUPERMARKET for products and services, unless you have a million followers on social media.

Next is your belief in the company. If you don’t have confidence and you don’t TRULY BELIEVE in the products yourself, people will smell that on you, so you must BELIEVE in what you promote. You must take the products or use the services yourself. Your company should be treated like FAMILY. Get on all conference calls, webinars and attend the big annual events. Rub elbows with other leaders in your business. Emulate them!

So, you might say “I don’t have time to run a business from home.” Well, the leaders didn’t have time either when they started, so they woke up an hour earlier everyday and maybe turned off the TV earlier and prospected instead. Do what it takes to achieve your dreams. It’s your choice: either work at your dead-end job for 20 more years, or really try to escape the rat race with a business from home. Yes, it takes work, but it’s work that you will LOVE.

Next, you need to change your mindset. I’m going to give you some principles that might seem “out there” but you have nothing to lose, except changing everything in your life for the positive.

Most of us are plagued with negative self-talk. Our minds are either thinking of the past with regret or reminiscences, or thinking of the future with fear, anxiety or fantasy. We are rarely in the PRESENT with our thoughts. Don’t believe you are in the PRESENT while driving your car. Your subconscious mind is driving your car while your conscious mind is thinking about other things instead of driving, like shopping, girlfriends and boyfriends, what to eat.

We need to get PRESENT. Ask yourself how you truly want to live. Picture what your ideal life would look like in two years and visualize it. Create a “vision board” by pasting pictures of things you want onto a foam board about 3 feet by four feet. I have cars, NYC and my ideal home on mine. I look at it during the day as I say to myself “I am so happy and grateful now, because I earn $5000 a week online, live in NYC and get 100 leads a day.” Saying something like this to yourself is called a “affirmation.”

The more you visualize having what you want NOW and being thankful for it, those things will slowly start to appear in your life. But, you have to do this everyday! There are actually Laws that we can abide by to get the success we want out of life. The Laws are:

Law of Non-Resistance

This Law works by not giving any energy to your negative thoughts. The moment you think a negative thought like, “I can’t do that” or “Only celebrities can do this” etc, say to yourself in a loud voice: “CANCEL.” This means you are cancelling the negative thought, then go immediately back to saying your affirmations. The faster you can catch your negative thoughts the better. What happens is that your ego can’t get you to react to the negative thought and that negative thought will die off. You basically starve your negative thoughts until they go away.

Law of Vibration

This law works by the energy you let off. Have you ever been around someone where you could actually feel their energy? This is energy that is actually a microscopic vibration emitting from their body. You have this vibration as well and it’s controlled by your thoughts. If you constantly feel angry and mad, you will attract angry and mad situations and people. If you are happy and you are a selfless giver, you will receive gifts back. Basically, the more you give, the more you get back. Being selfish in business and in life doesn’t reward you. So, think how you can help others achieve success and you will receive back.

Law of Attraction

This law works when the vibrations you emit are answered back with the results you see in your life. Situations and circumstances based on your PRIMARY THOUGHTS will come back to you, depending on how you think. If you have believed in your affirmations with all your heart, you can expect to see your business grow more and more the more you get tuned to your beliefs with your circumstances. If your thoughts are still mixed with negative and positive, you won’t see a change. Focus only on the POSITIVE and more will come to you!

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How Your Mind is Shawshank and Wealth is Your Freedom

how your mind was in shawshank and wealth is your freedom

How Your Mind is Shawshank and Wealth is Your Freedom – And How to Break Free

How do you think most of the day? Are you running around with your head cut off? Are you worried about bills and your job? Your mind can be the most negative companion in your life, if you let it.

Suppose you can finally silence it and find some true serenity on the other side. Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel? That light is your weak ambition to change your current situation, but a little talk from your positive pals on the “inside” can ultimately free you from the mind of Shawshank, and that light at the end of the tunnel will get brighter. How do I do that, you may ask?

Most people think that they “can’t” do something, or afford something, or switch careers, or lose weight, etc. We are constantly sabotaging ourselves before we even leave the gate. Where did this crappy thinking come from? Well, probably from your parents, your teachers and even your best friends. You heard things like “money doesn’t grow on trees” from your parents, or “you shouldn’t do that, you’ll get hurt” from friends and teachers. The list goes on with all the “no’s” we have heard over the years and eventually we start believing the “no’s”, especially as we get pushed out into adulthood.

Let us go back to your childhood. Think of your happiest moments in childhood and really look at yourself. What has changed over the years that holds you back now from what you “believed” you could have done then? Probably nothing has changed, except your beliefs. You might say, “Yeah, well, I can’t be a Ballerina now, I’m 35 and 40 pounds overweight.” Okay, that’s fair, but how did you feel about becoming a Ballerina when you were young? Didn’t you feel it was truly obtainable? Didn’t you feel like you were “there” when you saw the stage, the lights, the audience cheering you on? Nothing has changed today, you can still truly believe in yourself.

Remember the story about the baby elephant that gets a chain wrapped around its leg so it won’t run away? What happened when the elephant grew up? It could easily break away from the tiny rope that is around it’s leg today, but mentally the elephant gave up a long time ago. Why give up, life is short. Who has told you that you can’t do this or that for years now? It’s only the Shawshank in your mind and freedom is believing you have what you truly want now. Yes, I’m talking about Law of Attraction.

how your mind is shawshank and your freedom is wealth

What is Law of Attraction? In an essence it’s believing what you truly want your life in the future to look like, but you believe YOU HAVE IT NOW. Well, you might ask, “Isn’t that fantasy?” Yes, it is, but that’s how you get what you truly want. Believing again in fantasy will actually make that reality in your life if you truly believe in it and expect it in your life. most people dream of having things, but it remains a dream, not something expected to actually happen.

Have you seen the movie The Secret? Or the movie What the Bleep Do We know? These movies and books tap into the Law of Attraction which is basically you believing in what you want so much that your body sets off a vibration, which is called the Law of Vibration. Everything in the universe is vibration, like it or not. Have you ever had a funny or creepy feeling about somebody? That’s not just a coincidence, that’s your intuition picking up on their vibration.

Another way to prove the Law of Vibration is the water experiment of Dr. Emoto. He has taken the water molecules of different emotions and photographed them under a microscope. You can see that water from the presence of hate is very different from the water drop from Love.

how your mind is shawshank and your freedom is wealth 3


how your mind is shawshank and your freedom is wealth 4

“You disgust me.” 

If are bodies are made up of roughly 70 percent water and you’re going around thinking “you disgust me” or “I am so stupid”, think of the water composition in your body. It would actually look like a jagged, chaotic picture like the “you disgust me” water picture. This picture almost looks like that of pictures of viruses. We might as well assume that your “stinkin’ thinkin’” is actually a virus.

Do you want to walk around and give off your virus of emotional drama and lack? There’s no greater compliment to yourself and the universe then to achieve greatness, feel proud of yourself and accomplish your dreams. There is no glory or romanticism in being a martyr by killing yourself with alcoholism/addiction, over-eating, lying, stealing, etc. No one get’s short-changed except a person who does these things.

So, you are what you think. No one else is responsible for the way you think. If you are burdened with lots of stress and lack of money, I want you to start picturing your dream lifestyle NOW. I don’t care if it feels like fantasizing or unrealistic. Think of your life now, you don’t have anything to risk because your life isn’t exactly going as planned, so do this consistently every day and positive things will start to enter your life.

There will be a “compound effect,” which happens when things start happening for you in a positive way more and more. Be grateful for what you get and keep feeling your ultimate life TODAY, instead of in the future, and you will see results. Of course, old negative ways of thinking will have to break away from you first, which will disguise themselves as “setbacks,” but prevail and keep your head up high and it will happen for you.

Create a “vision board” and meditate on the pictures of your ideal life. And, if you ever feel doubt or non-belief, I want you to pray to a higher power. It can be any entity other than yourself.

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Law of Attraction for MLM: The Secret Revealed

law of attraction for mlm

Law of Attraction for MLM: The Secret Revealed

Why is it that some people are wealthy and seem to do little for it and others work really hard and are poor? Are you tired of working so hard and complaining about it? Do you really want wealth and success, or do you think it would be just okay to have it?

If you truly want success you have to live it, breathe it and feel it in every pore of your being. You have to have an exact vision of what you are willing to sacrifice to get it, yes sacrifice. Sacrifice doesn’t mean cutting a leg off for Satan. It means, that if you watch six hours of TV a day, how much are you going to reduce watching TV to work on your business? It means, if you only write one post on Facebook and tweet once a week, hoping hundreds of people visit your website, how many tweets and posts are you willing to make to be seen as a “brand” and attract people to you?

You have to  literally be possessed and create more value to the marketplace than you receive back in the beginning.  The main thing that turns new marketers off in the beginning are RESULTS. We want things NOW and if you don’t make a few thousand your first month in network marketing you are shocked. Don’t be shocked, realize it takes 2 to 5 years to master network marketing, even longer, experts agree that it takes 10,000 hours to master a trade, so if you have received money without experience thus far it was probably luck, timing and chance. Maintaining your wealth is the hard part.

How do you attract wealth in your business? First, map out exactly what you want and when you want to achieve it. Create a “vision” board of everything you want to get within the next 2, 3, 5 years. In 2 years I want to live in NYC and have a farmhouse in North Carolina and drive a GTR, so I have those things on my vision board and meditate on the images most of the day.

how to use law of attraction for MLM

Start telling yourself positive affirmations daily, the more the better, but you have to insert belief and FAITH into these statements or they won’t work. Make these statements in the PRESENT tense. “I make $5000 a month and my business is growing fast around the world” or as Bob Proctor says “I am so happy and grateful NOW. . .”

Feel how real it feels. I know this may seem hard, especially if bills are piling up on your desk, but you have to suspend disbelief. It’s like playing chicken with fate. You have to steer fast towards success even though your bills and other responsibilities are barreling towards you in a Mac truck. If you verve off the road and get taken by doubt, fear and disbelief, you’ve lost the game.

Get ready to respond intelligently to setbacks, don’t get emotional when something temporarily blocks your path to success. Let the setback roll off your back like water drops on a duck’s back. The Law of Non-Resistance is this principal, where you let the stress go by without reacting to it.

If you feel like crap most of the time, this is an indicator that you’re not doing enough in your life. Low-vibration feelings are an indicator that you’re doing something wrong. Have you felt low-vibration before? Go to an old bar in your local town and sit down for awhile, then go to a gym and hang out in the juice bar. You will definitely notice a difference in “energy” and that energy is all around us as “vibration.”

I’m going to get “deep” here for a minute. What you predominantly think about in life will COME into your life. If you are always thinking that life is hard, life will prove itself to be hard. If you have joy and happiness inside you, you will probably see joy and happiness on the outside world. How you feel in the inner world of yourself will be matched to the outer world of your reality.

So, bottom-line is think that your bills are already paid off; think that you have abundance in all areas of your life; and feel that you are truly successful NOW and your reality will start to match it. Just give it time. Give it a solid 90 days of positive thinking and see what happens. Don’t worry. Be happy.

Thanks for reading. Please share this post to help others who might feel down.

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Do This and Explode your Business

Do this and explode your business

Do This and Explode your Business – The New Paradigm for MLM Business

As network marketers, we are constantly looking to improve our game and conversions. There’s many ways people go about promoting their business, whether it’s online or offline, which methods work the best?

There is a new generation of young network marketers who want freedom from a dull day job, like what their parents had. There is no more security in working 40 years at the same factory and retiring with a pension. Today, things are rapidly changing and the new generation don’t want to work hard. They want to work smarter and have the freedom to work on their laptops anywhere in the world they choose.

Network marketing is quickly becoming the norm on social media. Every new distributor rushes online to unfortunately SPAM their opportunity, but most settle down after a while and add more value than spam. But, what really works for some, won’t work for others. Example:

Tom has 253 Facebook friends and he has established rapport with all of them. Maybe, some of them are from his graduating class, either college or high school, or both. Maybe, he has had lengthy conversations with some of them about FORM (Family, Occupation, Recreation and Money.) When Tom posts something new people like it and share it and make comments.

Then, there’s Bob. He has 3247 Facebook friends. When he signed up with Facebook, he followed to his limit every day. Sometimes, Bob got suspended because he didn’t know who he was following, but he thought the more people, the better.

Once he built up his following, he began to SPAM. No one had really heard Bob speak “normally”, only about some opportunity to make $5000 dollars a WEEK! People didn’t listen to his SPAM because they didn’t know him, and now they REALLY don’t want to know him. How many distributors does Tom and Bob have?

Tom: 38

Bob: 6

This happens all the time on social media. The bottom-line: People must know, Like and Trust you in order to join your business. Yes, you can recruit new distributors just by the sheer volume of spamming to thousands of people many times a day, but how many people can duplicate that, or even want to?

I would rather have one great distributor on my team, rather than 20 who think it’s a get-rich-quick-scheme, or they SPAM just like Bob. In the long run, you can make literally millions of dollars from one great team-builder.

I heard that the founders of Amway recruited I think 4000 distributors themselves and after 50 years the original 5 people who stuck around built the Billion dollar a year empire. Impressive. It only takes 2 to 3 leaders on your team to make six-figures a year, or month. Jordan Adler, a top earner in MLM, was only making $3000 a month when he found his 16th distributor who went on to build a team of 16,000 members. Jordan’s income went from $3000 a month to $20,000 a month in a couple months.

So, what is the best way to recruit for your business? It’s the vision of what people really want. I have a friend who has $17,000 weeks. She is only 25. She doesn’t lead with the product, or even the compensation plan. She leads with the VISION. What is the vision you ask?

The vision is you painting a picture for the person interested in joining you. Find out what they want ( how they want to truly live) and paint that picture for them. One way of finding what they want is to ask. Ask questions about their life. Find the “sore spots” in their life and then ask, “If I could wave a magic wand and you had (whatever they want), would that be something you’d be interested in?”

If they say “yes” then that’s your time to arrange a time when you two can talk more extensively, or lead them to a third-party tool, like your DVD presentation, or a video. You want to establish trust first before you do any of this. It might take talking to the same person a few times before this conversation occurs.

If you see the same people everyday, like at the store, library or gym, you don’t need to rush into this type of conversation right away. Get to know these people as true friends, not merely another prospect. People can sense if you are talking from the heart, or if you are just “head hunting”. Be original, be gracious and don’t worry about making $5000 A WEEK!!! Work on your prospecting skills, work on your self-development and I will see all of you soon!

Thanks for reading!

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5 No Nonsense Steps to Six Figures

make money from home

5 No Nonsense Steps to Six Figures – If It Were Easy We Would All Be Rich!


Don’t let the title scare you away. Yes, getting rich is not easy, but if that’s what you really want you can have it. Think about it. Look at your thoughts associated with money. Do you get mad when you see successful people enjoying their lives? How can you despise successful people when you are seeking success yourself? You can’t!

Most people scare opportunities away because of their stinkin’ thinkin’. Opportunities could come and jump on their laps and they wouldn’t know it. There is a famous business/universe quote, “What you think about expands.” So, if you are the type who focuses on your lack of money, you will attract MORE lack of money.

Success comes down to how you think. If you are jealous and envious of successful people, you will push success away. How do I become successful when I don’t know how successful people think, you ask? Simple. First, you become happy for the successful people; then, you visualize having success as well. Like anything you have to learn, thinking this way in the beginning is not easy. Your old negative thinking will jump in once in awhile. Just let the negative thought pass without attaching any emotion to it, and resume your positive visualization.

The more you think positively and the less you think negative, the more this will compound in your life and change who you are. You will begin to attract good experiences in your life instead of bad. Once you have wiped away most of your negative, lack and fearful thinking, you are ready to become successful. Here are the five simple steps, not easy, but simple:

1. Decide What You Want

The more specific here the better. If you want to make $5000 a month in two years write down the exact date you want it. List the steps and actions you need to take to realistically achieve that. Now, go find someone who is making that, or who is successful. You will need to get really clear on what you want.

The more clear you are, the faster your success will come. Again, drop all misconceptions about wealth, greed, successful people and money in general. Practice affirmations in the morning and at night. This is where you say to yourself, ideally “outloud” if you’re alone, “I am successful. I attract leaders to my business. I make $5000 a month, every month.” The more you “believe” these statements, the better. Speak as if you already have them.

2. Find Who Has It

If you’re in a network marketing company go “upline” until you find someone who is making great money. You are probably on their team, so when they help you they benefit as well. Study their methods. Get on a call with them and take notes. If you’re in MLM, learn how to do three-way calls with your sponsor and prospects. Once you get proficient at three-way calls, your business will explode.

3. Do Exactly What They Did

I covered this a little in step 2, but like the heading says, “Do exactly what they did,” meaning, copy exactly what the successful person does. This means everything; from the books they read, to the training events, to how they communicate with everyone. You are “modeling” their behaviors until their behaviors are your behaviors. If you truly want success, you will do everything they do, even if it causes you nervousness and anxiety at first. The beautiful thing about network marketing is that you get paid as you learn.

4. Do It

Again, do everything they do until you are doing it naturally yourself. The more you learn, the more you earn. I have heard of many successful people starting out who were absolutely broke and spent all their money on self-development. Why? Because it’s the best investment out there. Once you change and start to become successful, the return on your investment is the greatest. No one can take your knowledge and skillset away from you. Your mind is geared towards success and will further compound.

5. Keep Doing it

Like the title of the 5th step, keep working on yourself and your business practices learned from your mentor. Keep doing this until you reach financial and spiritual wealth. If you have not developed your mindset to accompany your new found wealth, you might lose it. Like most Lottery winners, if you are not mentally prepared for new income, you will probably spend it all. So, self-development is crucial.

This will definitely take you to a six or seven figure income. This takes a lot of determination, but if you truly want riches they are there for you. I hope this helps!

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The 6 Personality Types of MLM

6 personality types of MLM

The 6 Personality Types of MLM – A New Breed Emerges

There are many types of people who join network marketing and they all want something different from their MLM business; some want to supplement their income to pay some bills off; some want to finally be able to leave a job they don’t like, and others want to help others find personal freedom.

As we become network marketing leaders ourselves, the more we understand people’s needs and their personality types, the more we can assist them in starting their business on the right foot. This business is not one-size-fits-all, rather it’s based on matching what you offer to what they truly want, whether it be financial, spiritual or physical wealth. What is physical wealth, you ask? It’s when your body is healthy and matches a healthy mind. Your body is your temple, right?

Susan Sly is a successful six-figure monthly earner and has created what she believes is the 6 personality types of MLM. They are:


6 personality types of MLM 2

Helen Helps A Lot

Helen Helps A Lot is a “Yes-aholic.” She helps everyone first and neglects herself. In network marketing she helps her team members with menial, non-income producing activities, like designing pretty invitation cards. She rather see a team member or two have success rather then get on the phone to prospect herself. Helen has gained a lot of weight because her Cortisol levels are high due to immense stress. Helen can get better by learning to use the word “No.”

6 personality types of MLM 3

Harry Hoarder

Harry Hoarder has saved every artifact from his previous network marketing companies he’s been in for the last 25 years. He still has VHS tapes and cassettes in his car. He sometimes gets a tear of nostalgia when he looks at old product brochures.

Harry is the war veteran of MLM. He can tell you hundreds of success and tragedy stories involving members of MLM. He will probably tell you that he was at the grand opening of Amway. Harry can recover if he learns to let go and focus on the new technologies of network marketing. He then needs to call “Hoarders” and have them help him remove his crap!

6 personality types of MLM 4

Obsessed Oscar

Obsessed Oscar has to keep the perfect image of being a professional network marketer. His main focus is not on his business, but on giving the impression that his business is very successful. Instead of prospecting and doing other income-producing activities, Oscar takes hours vacuuming and cleaning his house and car to impress his associates. Oscar loves to do anything, BUT work on building his business. He can be cured if he drops the house wipes and picks up the phone to prospect.

6 personality types of MLM 5

Perry Poser

Perry Poser is a total extrovert and life of the party. He will go out and buy a new business suit on credit just to attend an event. He is all ego, and will do anything to grab business, including back-stabbing and moonlighting with several businesses. Perry will also jump ship in a heartbeat if he sees a better compensation plan. Perry looks great on the surface.

He usually speaks at all the meetings and will go out of his way to create top-notch marketing tools for his team, but Perry isn’t working on building his own business. Perry avoids the “hard work” and usually disappears from a company when his checks are not a huge unrealistic figure.

6 personality types of MLM 6

Apathetic Amanda

Apathetic Amanda is overwhelmed in every second of her life. Her relatives feel they need to keep a watch on her or she will just implode at any moment. Amanda speaks on the phone with heavy, exhaustive breathing, which alarms everyone she speaks with. Her house is a shambles and bill collectors are calling daily. Amanda can be cured if she takes on smaller steps in the business and asks for help from her sponsors.

6 personality types of MLM 7

Militant Marvin

Militant Marvin is borderline homicidal and network marketing is his last chance for some kind of salvation. He loves numbers and speaks fluent Excel. He eats data for breakfast; Geometry for lunch; and Google’s Algorithms for dinner.

He knows all the fundamentals of network marketing. He has impeccable presentations for every type of prospect on the planet, but he doesn’t build his business. He is too busy creating new landing pages and automated email systems for his organization. He also secretly tries to court the product formulators of his MLM company. He believes a certain ingredient could be atomically altered to retain maximum efficiency and retention. Marvin could be cured if he went outside, took a deep breath, and realized other humans don’t act like him.

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