Law of Attraction for MLM: The Secret Revealed

law of attraction for mlm

Law of Attraction for MLM: The Secret Revealed

Why is it that some people are wealthy and seem to do little for it and others work really hard and are poor? Are you tired of working so hard and complaining about it? Do you really want wealth and success, or do you think it would be just okay to have it?

If you truly want success you have to live it, breathe it and feel it in every pore of your being. You have to have an exact vision of what you are willing to sacrifice to get it, yes sacrifice. Sacrifice doesn’t mean cutting a leg off for Satan. It means, that if you watch six hours of TV a day, how much are you going to reduce watching TV to work on your business? It means, if you only write one post on Facebook and tweet once a week, hoping hundreds of people visit your website, how many tweets and posts are you willing to make to be seen as a “brand” and attract people to you?

You have to  literally be possessed and create more value to the marketplace than you receive back in the beginning.  The main thing that turns new marketers off in the beginning are RESULTS. We want things NOW and if you don’t make a few thousand your first month in network marketing you are shocked. Don’t be shocked, realize it takes 2 to 5 years to master network marketing, even longer, experts agree that it takes 10,000 hours to master a trade, so if you have received money without experience thus far it was probably luck, timing and chance. Maintaining your wealth is the hard part.

How do you attract wealth in your business? First, map out exactly what you want and when you want to achieve it. Create a “vision” board of everything you want to get within the next 2, 3, 5 years. In 2 years I want to live in NYC and have a farmhouse in North Carolina and drive a GTR, so I have those things on my vision board and meditate on the images most of the day.

how to use law of attraction for MLM

Start telling yourself positive affirmations daily, the more the better, but you have to insert belief and FAITH into these statements or they won’t work. Make these statements in the PRESENT tense. “I make $5000 a month and my business is growing fast around the world” or as Bob Proctor says “I am so happy and grateful NOW. . .”

Feel how real it feels. I know this may seem hard, especially if bills are piling up on your desk, but you have to suspend disbelief. It’s like playing chicken with fate. You have to steer fast towards success even though your bills and other responsibilities are barreling towards you in a Mac truck. If you verve off the road and get taken by doubt, fear and disbelief, you’ve lost the game.

Get ready to respond intelligently to setbacks, don’t get emotional when something temporarily blocks your path to success. Let the setback roll off your back like water drops on a duck’s back. The Law of Non-Resistance is this principal, where you let the stress go by without reacting to it.

If you feel like crap most of the time, this is an indicator that you’re not doing enough in your life. Low-vibration feelings are an indicator that you’re doing something wrong. Have you felt low-vibration before? Go to an old bar in your local town and sit down for awhile, then go to a gym and hang out in the juice bar. You will definitely notice a difference in “energy” and that energy is all around us as “vibration.”

I’m going to get “deep” here for a minute. What you predominantly think about in life will COME into your life. If you are always thinking that life is hard, life will prove itself to be hard. If you have joy and happiness inside you, you will probably see joy and happiness on the outside world. How you feel in the inner world of yourself will be matched to the outer world of your reality.

So, bottom-line is think that your bills are already paid off; think that you have abundance in all areas of your life; and feel that you are truly successful NOW and your reality will start to match it. Just give it time. Give it a solid 90 days of positive thinking and see what happens. Don’t worry. Be happy.

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Do This and Explode your Business

Do this and explode your business

Do This and Explode your Business – The New Paradigm for MLM Business

As network marketers, we are constantly looking to improve our game and conversions. There’s many ways people go about promoting their business, whether it’s online or offline, which methods work the best?

There is a new generation of young network marketers who want freedom from a dull day job, like what their parents had. There is no more security in working 40 years at the same factory and retiring with a pension. Today, things are rapidly changing and the new generation don’t want to work hard. They want to work smarter and have the freedom to work on their laptops anywhere in the world they choose.

Network marketing is quickly becoming the norm on social media. Every new distributor rushes online to unfortunately SPAM their opportunity, but most settle down after a while and add more value than spam. But, what really works for some, won’t work for others. Example:

Tom has 253 Facebook friends and he has established rapport with all of them. Maybe, some of them are from his graduating class, either college or high school, or both. Maybe, he has had lengthy conversations with some of them about FORM (Family, Occupation, Recreation and Money.) When Tom posts something new people like it and share it and make comments.

Then, there’s Bob. He has 3247 Facebook friends. When he signed up with Facebook, he followed to his limit every day. Sometimes, Bob got suspended because he didn’t know who he was following, but he thought the more people, the better.

Once he built up his following, he began to SPAM. No one had really heard Bob speak “normally”, only about some opportunity to make $5000 dollars a WEEK! People didn’t listen to his SPAM because they didn’t know him, and now they REALLY don’t want to know him. How many distributors does Tom and Bob have?

Tom: 38

Bob: 6

This happens all the time on social media. The bottom-line: People must know, Like and Trust you in order to join your business. Yes, you can recruit new distributors just by the sheer volume of spamming to thousands of people many times a day, but how many people can duplicate that, or even want to?

I would rather have one great distributor on my team, rather than 20 who think it’s a get-rich-quick-scheme, or they SPAM just like Bob. In the long run, you can make literally millions of dollars from one great team-builder.

I heard that the founders of Amway recruited I think 4000 distributors themselves and after 50 years the original 5 people who stuck around built the Billion dollar a year empire. Impressive. It only takes 2 to 3 leaders on your team to make six-figures a year, or month. Jordan Adler, a top earner in MLM, was only making $3000 a month when he found his 16th distributor who went on to build a team of 16,000 members. Jordan’s income went from $3000 a month to $20,000 a month in a couple months.

So, what is the best way to recruit for your business? It’s the vision of what people really want. I have a friend who has $17,000 weeks. She is only 25. She doesn’t lead with the product, or even the compensation plan. She leads with the VISION. What is the vision you ask?

The vision is you painting a picture for the person interested in joining you. Find out what they want ( how they want to truly live) and paint that picture for them. One way of finding what they want is to ask. Ask questions about their life. Find the “sore spots” in their life and then ask, “If I could wave a magic wand and you had (whatever they want), would that be something you’d be interested in?”

If they say “yes” then that’s your time to arrange a time when you two can talk more extensively, or lead them to a third-party tool, like your DVD presentation, or a video. You want to establish trust first before you do any of this. It might take talking to the same person a few times before this conversation occurs.

If you see the same people everyday, like at the store, library or gym, you don’t need to rush into this type of conversation right away. Get to know these people as true friends, not merely another prospect. People can sense if you are talking from the heart, or if you are just “head hunting”. Be original, be gracious and don’t worry about making $5000 A WEEK!!! Work on your prospecting skills, work on your self-development and I will see all of you soon!

Thanks for reading!

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5 No Nonsense Steps to Six Figures

make money from home

5 No Nonsense Steps to Six Figures – If It Were Easy We Would All Be Rich!


Don’t let the title scare you away. Yes, getting rich is not easy, but if that’s what you really want you can have it. Think about it. Look at your thoughts associated with money. Do you get mad when you see successful people enjoying their lives? How can you despise successful people when you are seeking success yourself? You can’t!

Most people scare opportunities away because of their stinkin’ thinkin’. Opportunities could come and jump on their laps and they wouldn’t know it. There is a famous business/universe quote, “What you think about expands.” So, if you are the type who focuses on your lack of money, you will attract MORE lack of money.

Success comes down to how you think. If you are jealous and envious of successful people, you will push success away. How do I become successful when I don’t know how successful people think, you ask? Simple. First, you become happy for the successful people; then, you visualize having success as well. Like anything you have to learn, thinking this way in the beginning is not easy. Your old negative thinking will jump in once in awhile. Just let the negative thought pass without attaching any emotion to it, and resume your positive visualization.

The more you think positively and the less you think negative, the more this will compound in your life and change who you are. You will begin to attract good experiences in your life instead of bad. Once you have wiped away most of your negative, lack and fearful thinking, you are ready to become successful. Here are the five simple steps, not easy, but simple:

1. Decide What You Want

The more specific here the better. If you want to make $5000 a month in two years write down the exact date you want it. List the steps and actions you need to take to realistically achieve that. Now, go find someone who is making that, or who is successful. You will need to get really clear on what you want.

The more clear you are, the faster your success will come. Again, drop all misconceptions about wealth, greed, successful people and money in general. Practice affirmations in the morning and at night. This is where you say to yourself, ideally “outloud” if you’re alone, “I am successful. I attract leaders to my business. I make $5000 a month, every month.” The more you “believe” these statements, the better. Speak as if you already have them.

2. Find Who Has It

If you’re in a network marketing company go “upline” until you find someone who is making great money. You are probably on their team, so when they help you they benefit as well. Study their methods. Get on a call with them and take notes. If you’re in MLM, learn how to do three-way calls with your sponsor and prospects. Once you get proficient at three-way calls, your business will explode.

3. Do Exactly What They Did

I covered this a little in step 2, but like the heading says, “Do exactly what they did,” meaning, copy exactly what the successful person does. This means everything; from the books they read, to the training events, to how they communicate with everyone. You are “modeling” their behaviors until their behaviors are your behaviors. If you truly want success, you will do everything they do, even if it causes you nervousness and anxiety at first. The beautiful thing about network marketing is that you get paid as you learn.

4. Do It

Again, do everything they do until you are doing it naturally yourself. The more you learn, the more you earn. I have heard of many successful people starting out who were absolutely broke and spent all their money on self-development. Why? Because it’s the best investment out there. Once you change and start to become successful, the return on your investment is the greatest. No one can take your knowledge and skillset away from you. Your mind is geared towards success and will further compound.

5. Keep Doing it

Like the title of the 5th step, keep working on yourself and your business practices learned from your mentor. Keep doing this until you reach financial and spiritual wealth. If you have not developed your mindset to accompany your new found wealth, you might lose it. Like most Lottery winners, if you are not mentally prepared for new income, you will probably spend it all. So, self-development is crucial.

This will definitely take you to a six or seven figure income. This takes a lot of determination, but if you truly want riches they are there for you. I hope this helps!

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The 6 Personality Types of MLM

6 personality types of MLM

The 6 Personality Types of MLM – A New Breed Emerges

There are many types of people who join network marketing and they all want something different from their MLM business; some want to supplement their income to pay some bills off; some want to finally be able to leave a job they don’t like, and others want to help others find personal freedom.

As we become network marketing leaders ourselves, the more we understand people’s needs and their personality types, the more we can assist them in starting their business on the right foot. This business is not one-size-fits-all, rather it’s based on matching what you offer to what they truly want, whether it be financial, spiritual or physical wealth. What is physical wealth, you ask? It’s when your body is healthy and matches a healthy mind. Your body is your temple, right?

Susan Sly is a successful six-figure monthly earner and has created what she believes is the 6 personality types of MLM. They are:


6 personality types of MLM 2

Helen Helps A Lot

Helen Helps A Lot is a “Yes-aholic.” She helps everyone first and neglects herself. In network marketing she helps her team members with menial, non-income producing activities, like designing pretty invitation cards. She rather see a team member or two have success rather then get on the phone to prospect herself. Helen has gained a lot of weight because her Cortisol levels are high due to immense stress. Helen can get better by learning to use the word “No.”

6 personality types of MLM 3

Harry Hoarder

Harry Hoarder has saved every artifact from his previous network marketing companies he’s been in for the last 25 years. He still has VHS tapes and cassettes in his car. He sometimes gets a tear of nostalgia when he looks at old product brochures.

Harry is the war veteran of MLM. He can tell you hundreds of success and tragedy stories involving members of MLM. He will probably tell you that he was at the grand opening of Amway. Harry can recover if he learns to let go and focus on the new technologies of network marketing. He then needs to call “Hoarders” and have them help him remove his crap!

6 personality types of MLM 4

Obsessed Oscar

Obsessed Oscar has to keep the perfect image of being a professional network marketer. His main focus is not on his business, but on giving the impression that his business is very successful. Instead of prospecting and doing other income-producing activities, Oscar takes hours vacuuming and cleaning his house and car to impress his associates. Oscar loves to do anything, BUT work on building his business. He can be cured if he drops the house wipes and picks up the phone to prospect.

6 personality types of MLM 5

Perry Poser

Perry Poser is a total extrovert and life of the party. He will go out and buy a new business suit on credit just to attend an event. He is all ego, and will do anything to grab business, including back-stabbing and moonlighting with several businesses. Perry will also jump ship in a heartbeat if he sees a better compensation plan. Perry looks great on the surface.

He usually speaks at all the meetings and will go out of his way to create top-notch marketing tools for his team, but Perry isn’t working on building his own business. Perry avoids the “hard work” and usually disappears from a company when his checks are not a huge unrealistic figure.

6 personality types of MLM 6

Apathetic Amanda

Apathetic Amanda is overwhelmed in every second of her life. Her relatives feel they need to keep a watch on her or she will just implode at any moment. Amanda speaks on the phone with heavy, exhaustive breathing, which alarms everyone she speaks with. Her house is a shambles and bill collectors are calling daily. Amanda can be cured if she takes on smaller steps in the business and asks for help from her sponsors.

6 personality types of MLM 7

Militant Marvin

Militant Marvin is borderline homicidal and network marketing is his last chance for some kind of salvation. He loves numbers and speaks fluent Excel. He eats data for breakfast; Geometry for lunch; and Google’s Algorithms for dinner.

He knows all the fundamentals of network marketing. He has impeccable presentations for every type of prospect on the planet, but he doesn’t build his business. He is too busy creating new landing pages and automated email systems for his organization. He also secretly tries to court the product formulators of his MLM company. He believes a certain ingredient could be atomically altered to retain maximum efficiency and retention. Marvin could be cured if he went outside, took a deep breath, and realized other humans don’t act like him.

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MLM Podcast Review – David T.S. Wood

MLM Podcast Review David T.S. Wood 2

MLM Podcast Review – David T.S. Wood – Amplified Network Marketing

David T.S. Wood has been in network marketing for over 30 years and it shows. He is friends with some of the biggest business leaders today, including Mike Dooley, Jack Canfield, Tim Ferris, Don Miguel Ruiz and John Assaraf.

Originally from England and now presiding in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, David has a colorful past of being a jack-of-all-trades and living out of a backpack for ten years. He discovered network marketing when he was 19 when he was introduced to Amway.

David T.S. Wood MLM Trainer

David has now earned several million dollars from network marketing and has helped train over 300,000 individuals in their journey in MLM. His podcasts are rich with experience, as he interviews network marketers who have gone through their own struggles to then finding success in network marketing.

His podcasts range from 30 minutes to a little over an hour and there’s usually a key topic and a key benefit. You will hear how his guests started in network marketing, what they did wrong in the beginning, and how they overcame their obstacles. These in-depth interviews are meant to inform other network marketers from beginner to advanced.

As a network marketer who is always learning and improving himself in this wonderful industry, discovering this podcast gave me hundreds of hours of very rich network marketing experience. The key points I hear from a lot of successful network marketers is this:

Read More: 

Network marketing is all about helping others become successful. In the beginning, most network marketers annoy friends and spam online and have a terrible time getting started. If you read the right books in the beginning, you will learn the proper ways to promote your business.

Also, since network marketing is about helping others become successful before yourself (ideally), reading books on self-development is imperative. “The more you work on yourself, the more your income will increase.” This is the common theme I have heard. So, the bottom-line is lots of self-development. As Eric Worre said, “Either you will be punished or rewarded in network marketing based on your past.”

Attend Company Events:

Another similarity I hear a lot from successful network marketers is what happens after they attend their first major company event. It’s like a light bulb goes off. If their belief meter was low before, this rocked their needle over to redline. It gave a lot of network marketers who had doubt a sense of new found belief, which “amplified” their business. So, attend events, even if you have to borrow the money and take time off from work. It’s worth it!

Third-Party Calls:

Something which a lot of network marketers avoid in the beginning is three-way calls with your sponsor and a prospect. It seems weird to do and a little tricky, depending on your phone and the timing of it all, but get third-party calling down and you will explode your business. David has a podcast on three-way calling, I think it’s #44 from 5/09/14. His fiance is a master at the three-way call and tells you step by step how to do this.

Listen to the David’s podcast here, Amplified Network Marketing.

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How to Love Your Competition in MLM

how to love your competition

How to Love Your Competition in MLM- Ways to Stop Feeling Jealous & Envious

Are you looking over at the co-worker, or the leader in your business, and cringing everytime they talk about their success, whether they are bringing in tons of new clients or making 100k a month?

I don’t blame you. Every time I got on a conference call within in my company I heard the “leaders” talk about bringing in tons of people all over the world. In fact, a lot of the new “stars” who had never found success before in network marketing were bringing in 20-40 people a month! What were they doing I wasn’t!?

I discovered a good lesson in this: These “leaders” are giving me a company to work in. If they weren’t bringing in anybody, the company would buckle and go bankrupt. The company wouldn’t grow. The company would fold and we would all have to walk away and start over somewhere else where our hearts weren’t in it.

Healthy competition is great, but wishing someone else fails in network marketing, or any business, is unhealthy, breeds more negative energy, which eventually will bring YOU down in the end. This is “network” marketing, not “self” marketing.

Unlike the Corporate world, where it’s dog eats dog and co-workers use cut-throat tactics to get ahead of you on the ladder, network marketing is the opposite. The more people you help to become successful, the more money YOU earn. At the end of the day, it’s about helping others in the business who are on a personal journey themselves. It’s not your paycheck that matters in the beginning. Your paycheck grows the more you work on your mindset and skillsets, which happens through a lot of self-development.

How do you self-develop? Great books like:

The four Agreements by Don Ruiz

The leader Who Had no Title by Robin Sharma

You Were born Rich by Bob Proctor

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

As Zig Ziglar said: “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

This pretty somes up universal law and it’s exciting to see that the new paradigms of business ethics is moving to helping others achieve success, rather than ourselves. Network marketing is the business of the 21st century, as said by Robert Kiyosaki. It levels the playing field, meaning everyone starts at the beginning and moves to the top. “You can be from Yale or Jail,”said one famous leader I can’t think of at the moment.

Competition in network marketing is exciting and spurs on growth for everyone, it is not a negative form of energy. When you attend company events, everyone smiles at you. They genuienly want everyone in that room to succeed, instead of the corporate world where they sneer at you and look for ways to derail you.

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How the Masters Create Success With These Strange Tips

How the Masters create success with these strange tips

How the Masters Create Success With These Strange Tips – The New Hybrid Entrepreneur

To be a successful entrepreneur these days you have to pull out all the stops and tricks of the trade, and at the same time, blend cutting-edge business practices with good old-fashioned self-development.

What do you have to do to become and stay successful in business, and thrive and dominate above the rest? Let’s start with the traditional method first:

Meditation - Yep, I know, some of you cringe and want to move on to the next step, but there’s no lotus poses on your Seventies shag carpet here. Just take 20 minutes in the morning, find a quiet place and close your eyes.

Try to not think, just listen to your breathing. If any thoughts enter let them pass without attaching any emotion to them.  First few times your mind will mess with you and try everything to get you to use your mind to think about something, i.e. what am I going to eat for breakfast, I have to buy groceries today, etc. Bring your mind back to silence. The silences will soon outweigh the chatter of your mind, and you will be able to be more efficient throughout the day.

‘Model’ Others Who Are More Successful - Turn on the YouTube and type in your Industry, or an aspect of your Industry, and see who is the most popular. Find someone who not only has a lot of views (you can buy views, they don’t mean much) but also subscribers and the number of videos they have created. Once you find your leader, listen to what they do. Buy their info products and courses. This will lead you to other leaders in the industry. Round them all up like alpha cattle, and blend their theories into the fabric of your business dynamic.

No Expectations – Kill those little Buggers - Expectation kills more dreams than anything else. We can’t predict the future, so stay in the present and work hard. This is all you can do to avoid regret, anxiety, stress & anger. If you are addicted to the outcome of everything you do, you will be disappointed with every disappointment, and you will be elated with every success. This makes you look like a puppet being controlled by the strings of the Universe. Don’t be that puppet. Stay in the present and work your ass off, because successful people fail more than others. The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is the successful don’t quit.

Eye on the Prize - Successful entrepreneurs don’t look around for results. They don’t check their email or the analytics of their ad campaign every second. They focus on the end result of what they want. If they want to make 100k a month in two years, they focus on that and break it down into bite-size steps to achieve that.

Everything takes time and many hours of effort. Malcolm Gladwell in his book Outliers says it takes 10,000 hours to master any craft. If you want to be a professional who makes bank, it takes more than just signing up and working a week to become rich.

You wouldn’t just buy some fancy basketball shoes, go to basketball camp for two weeks, and expect to go pro when you come out, would you? This is the mindset of many who join network marketing. For some reason, they are so afraid that this is a get-rich-quick-scheme, yet that’s how they treat it when they join a company.

Plan Your Day the Night Before - Brian Tracy is big on this. He talked about finding the most effective activities of your day and do them more, and disregard the activities that don’t produce. List all the activities you want to do the next day. Number the top 5 on your list, then start with the number one activity the next morning and work down the list. This creates the most productive activities, which in turn creates success quicker.

It’s not rocket science that becoming successful takes a lot of work. For those who float from one scheme to the next will never find success and they will actually get more broke by chasing the next big thing and investing all their five dollars.

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How to Increase Your Online Presence

how to increase your presence online

How to Increase Your Online Presence – A Shortcut to Creating Your Brand

If your just starting out online and you plan on making money on the internet, you need to establish your name first. This is done by creating a Facebook fanpage, setting up a Twitter profile, Pinterest profile, Linkedin profile and G+ profile. You want to use your name, not a product of your company, in case the company goes south you still have your name.

Start following people in your field of interest. Follow people closely-related to your niche market, but not your direct competition. Start becoming known by commenting and liking other people’s content. Don’t spam your offering. There is plenty of time later to bring up your offer, but not now.

Now, create a website in your name, like “” Pick a host provider that is fast and reliable, like iPage. You will need to grab your domain name from somewhere like It’s very important to create a website in your name, because you want people to find when if they search your name, and you want to become the ‘authority” in your niche.

You can’t do this with a blog hosted by WordPress or Blogger. Your name would look like this if you got a blog, “” You don’t want this, because you don’t have any control over your blog. In fact, WordPress or Blogger can suspend your account at anytime if you break the rules, and the rules aren’t always clear.

Once you have your website up and running, you will want to set up a video account with not only YouTube, but also Vimeo. Start posting two minute videos of who you are and what you do for a living. Again, keep cool about promoting your business. Gain trust first. Once you upload your video to YouTube, upload the same video to Vimeo.

Not only does posting to Vimeo ensure that you are seen by more people than just youTube, but as far as security goes, YouTube users can flag your videos as being “deceitful or spam” and you have no control over this. Also, if you only post on YouTube, users can see “related videos” and click on those and leave your videos and sales funnel behind. With Vimeo they only see YOU and that’s great. You can also embed your videos into your website.

Now, you want to re-purpose your content. What I mean is you will first write a post, then shoot a video about what you wrote and then post your new post on your social media. You can get into a routine of blogging, then video, then social media blast every day. This will ensure that people start to see you everywhere, on social media, on video, and on your website. It will bring people back to your website.

This is what it’s all about, building your name as the authority and attracting people BACK to you, instead of you chasing THEM. This is called inbound marketing and it’s the latest form of marketing, which is the way marketing should be!

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Is Unlimited Income a Possibility?

make money from home

Is Unlimited Income a Possibility? Not Just Celebrities & Athletes Make Great Money

If you’re a person who hasn’t been signed by the NFL or NBA yet, and you aren’t singing side by side with Lady Gaga, you probably desire more money. Remember the adage “We spend what we earn”?

I knew I needed more money when I was working 100 hours a week just to save a little extra money. But, I was trading 100 percent of my time for an hourly wage. I don’t care if you have five jobs, if you get paid only for your efforts, you will never make substantial money. A top surgeon makes $145,000 a year. That’s no where near millionaire status. So, how do you make a lot of money, especially if you don’t have an advanced degree or great vocal chords that Lady Gaga loves?

Answer: Leveraged income. As John Rockefeller once said, “I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts, than 100% of my own efforts.” This is smart and entrepreneurs all over the world live by this. They outsource the tasks that take time and are tedious to do. Ideally, you have a manufacturing plant that pumps out product while you sleep. If you’re a small business owner, you are probably still enslaved to a “job”, only the job is completely your responsibility to run effectively, which in turn is usually more stressful than having a normal job for an employer.

So, how do you get leveraged income, or “passive” income? A lot of people are feeling the benefits of passive income when they publish their music onto a MP3 and sell it online, or they publish an eBook and sell it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. But, this passive income usually doesn’t last, unless you have a best-seller, even then, people will move on and your sales will dry up.

So, how do you get consistent leveraged/passive income? Answer: a Home-Based business, or Network marketing. This is where you can truly get leveraged income by earning a percentage off of several, if not hundreds of people. There is a beautiful thing in network marketing called “exponential growth.” This happens when you find 2-5 people who join your business, then they go and find 2-5 people to join their business. Pretty soon, you will have hundreds of people in your “downline” making commissions for themselves and you.

Network marketing is a true business model that large Fortune 500 companies use. When you see an advertisement that says “refer a friend and earn a free membership for a month,” That’s essentially network marketing. It’s word of mouth marketing that goes viral and big corporations are slowly learning this concept. Big corporations are spending billions of dollars on traditional “interruption” advertising that is now blocked out by the consumer, who is already so inundated with this ineffective old-school type of marketing.

Network marketing is legal (when they have a viable, often consumable product, and they don’t recruit people solely on commissions) and there is no income cap. Yes, you heard that right, you can make unlimited income legally. It’s the only way to make millions without winning the lotto, being a celebrity or professional athlete.

Here is the income statement from some of the top network marketers in the industry. This is for last April:

top MLM earners

The first figure you see is monthly, the second is their annual income. As you can see people from all over the world and the U.S. are making $100k to $400k MONTHLY. Yes, MONTHLY. of course this takes work and a lot of determination. With like any business, you will have people quit, because they don’t get paid right away, they still think in the old job mindset that they should get paid for their time.

The money truly comes when your business takes off on its own. That means people on your team are building their businesses fast without you telling them what to do. It’s an amazing feeling when it takes off, it’s called momentum.

This is the only way I have found to make serious money legally without a degree. Thanks for reading and be sure and share this post for a free subliminal hug!

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How to Capture Free Leads Using Your Website

How to Capture Free Leads using Your Website

How to Capture Free Leads Using Your Website – Not the Usual Suspects

There’s many ways to get your blog/website converting traffic to leads and it’s exciting to get free traffic from the search engines as your site grows in popularity.

The first method I would like to discuss comes from the website Response Magic. I am so excited to have found this website. You can create a “customer magnet” for free with this website. You can then copy the code that is generated and place the code in a “text” widget in your WordPress blog/website. You also have the ability to put this customer magnet on your Facebook Fanpage and get leads that way. You can see my customer magnet to the left where I offer my free ebook. When people sign that form they get my 40 page PDF on Attraction Marketing. In order to understand how to make the customer magnet watch the video tutorials on the website.

Next, is Google Forms. Here you enter what you want the form to say, like Name, Email, Phone Number & questions you have for your Lead, like “How long have you been looking for a Home-Based Opportunity?”

How to capture free leads using your website 2

Name the form something. Then go down and click on “add item”. This will be the first line of your contact form. So, start with Name. Make sure this is a “Text” not a multiple choice format. Click “Done” to move onto the next. Then, click “add item” and enter Email. Etc. You can build out your form this way. Then, you are done. Hit “Send form” Leave the boxes the way they are at the bottom. You can embed this form into your website like this:

This is the form I just created

What’s great is this is completely free and when someone fills this out, you get the responses back on an Excel spreadsheet, just go back to your Google form and at the top where it says “View Responses” you will see who entered their information.

Lastly, is to create a “image widget” in your blog. Go to “Appearance” and go to widgets and drag and drop and new “Image widget” over to your active sidebar. You then need to upload an image to your media library of your WordPress. Once you upload an image, click on edit and copy and paste the URL for that image. Put the URL into the image box of the image widget. Then, get the URL where you want people to go when they click on the image.

Click on the red box to the left. This is an image widget and it goes to my company’s capture page.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading. please share this post for a free subliminal hug!

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