How to Increase Your Online Presence

how to increase your presence online

How to Increase Your Online Presence – A Shortcut to Creating Your Brand

If your just starting out online and you plan on making money on the internet, you need to establish your name first. This is done by creating a Facebook fanpage, setting up a Twitter profile, Pinterest profile, Linkedin profile and G+ profile. You want to use your name, not a product of your company, in case the company goes south you still have your name.

Start following people in your field of interest. Follow people closely-related to your niche market, but not your direct competition. Start becoming known by commenting and liking other people’s content. Don’t spam your offering. There is plenty of time later to bring up your offer, but not now.

Now, create a website in your name, like “” Pick a host provider that is fast and reliable, like iPage. You will need to grab your domain name from somewhere like It’s very important to create a website in your name, because you want people to find when if they search your name, and you want to become the ‘authority” in your niche.

You can’t do this with a blog hosted by WordPress or Blogger. Your name would look like this if you got a blog, “” You don’t want this, because you don’t have any control over your blog. In fact, WordPress or Blogger can suspend your account at anytime if you break the rules, and the rules aren’t always clear.

Once you have your website up and running, you will want to set up a video account with not only YouTube, but also Vimeo. Start posting two minute videos of who you are and what you do for a living. Again, keep cool about promoting your business. Gain trust first. Once you upload your video to YouTube, upload the same video to Vimeo.

Not only does posting to Vimeo ensure that you are seen by more people than just youTube, but as far as security goes, YouTube users can flag your videos as being “deceitful or spam” and you have no control over this. Also, if you only post on YouTube, users can see “related videos” and click on those and leave your videos and sales funnel behind. With Vimeo they only see YOU and that’s great. You can also embed your videos into your website.

Now, you want to re-purpose your content. What I mean is you will first write a post, then shoot a video about what you wrote and then post your new post on your social media. You can get into a routine of blogging, then video, then social media blast every day. This will ensure that people start to see you everywhere, on social media, on video, and on your website. It will bring people back to your website.

This is what it’s all about, building your name as the authority and attracting people BACK to you, instead of you chasing THEM. This is called inbound marketing and it’s the latest form of marketing, which is the way marketing should be!

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Is Unlimited Income a Possibility?

make money from home

Is Unlimited Income a Possibility? Not Just Celebrities & Athletes Make Great Money

If you’re a person who hasn’t been signed by the NFL or NBA yet, and you aren’t singing side by side with Lady Gaga, you probably desire more money. Remember the adage “We spend what we earn”?

I knew I needed more money when I was working 100 hours a week just to save a little extra money. But, I was trading 100 percent of my time for an hourly wage. I don’t care if you have five jobs, if you get paid only for your efforts, you will never make substantial money. A top surgeon makes $145,000 a year. That’s no where near millionaire status. So, how do you make a lot of money, especially if you don’t have an advanced degree or great vocal chords that Lady Gaga loves?

Answer: Leveraged income. As John Rockefeller once said, “I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts, than 100% of my own efforts.” This is smart and entrepreneurs all over the world live by this. They outsource the tasks that take time and are tedious to do. Ideally, you have a manufacturing plant that pumps out product while you sleep. If you’re a small business owner, you are probably still enslaved to a “job”, only the job is completely your responsibility to run effectively, which in turn is usually more stressful than having a normal job for an employer.

So, how do you get leveraged income, or “passive” income? A lot of people are feeling the benefits of passive income when they publish their music onto a MP3 and sell it online, or they publish an eBook and sell it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. But, this passive income usually doesn’t last, unless you have a best-seller, even then, people will move on and your sales will dry up.

So, how do you get consistent leveraged/passive income? Answer: a Home-Based business, or Network marketing. This is where you can truly get leveraged income by earning a percentage off of several, if not hundreds of people. There is a beautiful thing in network marketing called “exponential growth.” This happens when you find 2-5 people who join your business, then they go and find 2-5 people to join their business. Pretty soon, you will have hundreds of people in your “downline” making commissions for themselves and you.

Network marketing is a true business model that large Fortune 500 companies use. When you see an advertisement that says “refer a friend and earn a free membership for a month,” That’s essentially network marketing. It’s word of mouth marketing that goes viral and big corporations are slowly learning this concept. Big corporations are spending billions of dollars on traditional “interruption” advertising that is now blocked out by the consumer, who is already so inundated with this ineffective old-school type of marketing.

Network marketing is legal (when they have a viable, often consumable product, and they don’t recruit people solely on commissions) and there is no income cap. Yes, you heard that right, you can make unlimited income legally. It’s the only way to make millions without winning the lotto, being a celebrity or professional athlete.

Here is the income statement from some of the top network marketers in the industry. This is for last April:

top MLM earners

The first figure you see is monthly, the second is their annual income. As you can see people from all over the world and the U.S. are making $100k to $400k MONTHLY. Yes, MONTHLY. of course this takes work and a lot of determination. With like any business, you will have people quit, because they don’t get paid right away, they still think in the old job mindset that they should get paid for their time.

The money truly comes when your business takes off on its own. That means people on your team are building their businesses fast without you telling them what to do. It’s an amazing feeling when it takes off, it’s called momentum.

This is the only way I have found to make serious money legally without a degree. Thanks for reading and be sure and share this post for a free subliminal hug!

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How to Capture Free Leads Using Your Website

How to Capture Free Leads using Your Website

How to Capture Free Leads Using Your Website – Not the Usual Suspects

There’s many ways to get your blog/website converting traffic to leads and it’s exciting to get free traffic from the search engines as your site grows in popularity.

The first method I would like to discuss comes from the website Response Magic. I am so excited to have found this website. You can create a “customer magnet” for free with this website. You can then copy the code that is generated and place the code in a “text” widget in your WordPress blog/website. You also have the ability to put this customer magnet on your Facebook Fanpage and get leads that way. You can see my customer magnet to the left where I offer my free ebook. When people sign that form they get my 40 page PDF on Attraction Marketing. In order to understand how to make the customer magnet watch the video tutorials on the website.

Next, is Google Forms. Here you enter what you want the form to say, like Name, Email, Phone Number & questions you have for your Lead, like “How long have you been looking for a Home-Based Opportunity?”

How to capture free leads using your website 2

Name the form something. Then go down and click on “add item”. This will be the first line of your contact form. So, start with Name. Make sure this is a “Text” not a multiple choice format. Click “Done” to move onto the next. Then, click “add item” and enter Email. Etc. You can build out your form this way. Then, you are done. Hit “Send form” Leave the boxes the way they are at the bottom. You can embed this form into your website like this:

This is the form I just created

What’s great is this is completely free and when someone fills this out, you get the responses back on an Excel spreadsheet, just go back to your Google form and at the top where it says “View Responses” you will see who entered their information.

Lastly, is to create a “image widget” in your blog. Go to “Appearance” and go to widgets and drag and drop and new “Image widget” over to your active sidebar. You then need to upload an image to your media library of your WordPress. Once you upload an image, click on edit and copy and paste the URL for that image. Put the URL into the image box of the image widget. Then, get the URL where you want people to go when they click on the image.

Click on the red box to the left. This is an image widget and it goes to my company’s capture page.

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How Working Two Jobs Won’t Make You Rich

How working two jobs wont make you rich

Yes, we have all been there, looking for any work we can fit in and if you could fit in four jobs a day you probably would. 5-10 percent of Americans have two jobs. Bills keep coming in as wages barely keep up with inflation.

There was a time I had four jobs. I worked 14 hour days with two restaurant jobs and on my days off I landscaped. I thought I hit the motherload when I earned $4200 one month.  But, the thing is I was putting all my effort into it and getting out a 100 percent of my effort, meaning an hour of my hard effort was only worth a certain amount of money, usually $10-14 an hour. Although I made $4200, I traded 100 hours a week for that. I had absolutely no life.

Enter the business of the 21st Century. True entrepreneurs leverage their efforts by  hiring a staff, automating what can be automated, and sticking to the more intellectual tasks of business development and product design. They are not earning a 100 percent off their efforts, but earning off of 10-1000 employees. This is the true meaning of leveraged income. As John Rockefeller said, “I would rather earn 1 percent off a 100 people’s efforts, than 100 percent on my own efforts.”

I began to search for “leveraged income” and the closest I came was “residual income”, when I had earned a little money from my MP3′s and my ebooks. It felt good knowing that I was sleeping when I sold a MP3 in Japan. I had literally made money while I slept! This was the best feeling in the world and I wanted more.

I wanted more, but I hadn’t found true leveraged income yet. I discovered that I needed an investment that would pay monthly no matter what. I invested in stocks and got a little back in dividends, but nothing to brag about. I decided to invest in some pretty shady “High Yield Investment Products” which literally wiped out $3000 overnight when someone broke into my “digital money” account.

There must be a safer way to earn money online and something that paid more than 5 percent like blue-chip stocks. Well, I stumbled onto a company that was a network marketing company. I like the compensation plan and researched it more. I dove in and started promoting the website all over the internet. No one was interested in my product that I chose. I quit.

I tried one more company and started to “Tweet” about it and immediately got people who were interested. Then, a couple people signed on. I was elated. I knew residual income was created by the people under me and how much they bought and sold themselves, so I crossed my fingers.

Now, I have a team of people from around the world and I make true residual income. True residual income doesn’t happen overnight. You have to get strong leaders on your team who want to build a business just like you. I make a lot more than I would selling affiliate products and stocks. This is the only way I can think of where you can make unlimited income legally without a Doctorate degree. Anyone can build a business online. You just want to promote and share something that you love. If you don’t like what you’re selling, you won’t last long.

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MLM Scams Exposed

MLM SCAMS EXPOSED! How to Spot Shady MLM, and he’s not a Rapper!

Okay, so I’ve had my eye open to spotting some scams online and boy is it scary out there! Let’s just say there’s a get rich quick scheme on every digital street corner.

But in all honesty, most people know what a scam is. It looks like a Ponzi Scheme or a Pyramid Scheme right? What exactly is a Pyramid Scheme? Is it where all the people at the top make the money, right? It’s just a few people in this huge organization that make a ton of money, right?

Think about this for a second. Look at every corporation in existence today and what do you find? CEO’s at the top making most of the money, then the managers, then YOU, then the laborers basically. The CEO’s just didn’t automatically appear at the top without working for it, unless it’s inherited of course. They started at the bottom, like you, and worked to the top. So, why is network marketing a Pyramid Scheme? Everyone STARTS THE SAME WAY. There is no magic, inside trickery that grabs only a handful of people and puts them on top to instantly make six-figures a month.

Everybody starts out the same in network marketing. You can be from Yale or Jail and make a lot of money if you are FOCUSED, DETERMINED, SUCCESS-DRIVEN AND WON’T QUIT FOR ANYTHING MENTALITY. Now, Ponzi Schemes are another thing. Yes, usually the first ones in make all the money, because they earn off of new recruits and when new recruits dry up, so does the profits.

But, we’re talking legitimate network marketing companies here. They have a consumable product usually and the company has chosen to use the network marketing business model to advertise the product through the consumer, rather than ineffective, old-school advertising which costs millions. People are becoming impervious to old-school, in-your-face advertising. It doesn’t work anymore, but Coke and Pepsi can still spend all their money if they want to.

MLM Scams 2015

If you were searching for a list of companies here that I call SCAMS, this is not the article for you. But, if you “Google” scam for practically anything, unfortunately you will find it. 80 percent of the time it’s clever marketers, like me, who want you to read my post. But, really, it’s mostly common sense. Do you research and find a company you love to earn supplemental income from.

Network marketing is a Billion dollar industry and it’s growing every year rapidly, because companies are switching to this form of marketing. Look at big companies, like Netflix and DirecTv. They have “refer a friend” programs for people who want a discount on their purchase if they get a couple of their friends signed up. This is just like network marketing. Yes, a lot of people quit network marketing before it takes off, because in the beginning the effort you put in does not reflect your effort (like a normal job). But, stick around for 2-5 years and you will probably be earning ten times what you did at your day job.

If you’re interested in starting a home-based business, you can look into what I’m doing by clicking the box below to take a free tour:

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How to Get Leads on Twitter

How to Get Leads on Twitter, Tweets for MLM

It is getting harder and harder to stand out from the millions promoting their businesses online, especially on Twitter. It seems everybody is selling something, whether it be a 12 year old selling an App or an 80 year old grandmother selling candles on Etsy.

The secret to promoting your business is to be honest with what you want. When starting a business, like a Home-Based business, people tend to be pushy, spammy and desperately want business owners to join their business so they exaggerate their message, like “Earn $2354 in the next 2 DAYS!!” We know this doesn’t happen. Usually the truth is “If you work harder than you ever have before, you have a chance to make more money than ever before.” Most people don’t want to admit that it’s hard work. I don’t blame them, but honesty needs to be heard from you, or you will just be another spammer.

I use an app called and I can automate my tweets 24/7 and see which tweets got the most clicks. There’s other platforms out there that do this, but Buffer is only $10 a month. I then will go find articles about MLM and network marketing and will literally copy and paste some of the content, put it into a tweet and add my shortened link at the end, like this:

We’re looking for individuals who are driven and motivated, with a desire to make a change in their lives: (my link)

This tweet has done extremely well because it’s not being pushy, doesn’t claim ridiculous earning potential, and is almost like a help wanted title. Nothing wrong with help wanted, most people are looking for extra work because we outspend what we earn. Here’s another tweet I basically got from a MLM article:

Network marketing is recognized by many experts and Entrepreneurs as one of the fastest growing Industries:(my link)

Again, this is just a statement about the industry as fact. People like Warren Buffet and Richard Branson have invested in MLM companies or endorse them, so this tweet is basically saying that, and since I want quality entrepreneurs joining my business, I rather have them read that subdued, factual statement than “Earn $3487 buy TOMORROW!!!!”

A lot of this is common sense. You’ll attract the type of person by what you say. If you offer “get rich quick” type tweets, you will get people who won’t work hard and want fast money. But, if you say something like:

“MLM provides personal flexibility, the opportunity to own your own business and the chance to achieve many goals:(my link)”

You might get stay-at-home moms and small business owners who want flexibility, realistic supplemental income and the chance to achieve some of their personal goals, like traveling or paying off a credit card. It’s quality not quantity. Yes it’s all in the numbers, but I rather have 10 quality leads rather than a 100 useless leads.

You do have to go through large numbers to find the right leaders for your business. Network marketing takes a lot of work and you need 1000′s of leads to get a handful of people will to upgrade and join you, unless they know you or trust you, but if we’re talking cold leads, you need large numbers. So, here’s two tips:

1. Follow new people everyday, not just once awhile. Follow 100 a day, or more if your Twitter account has been active for awhile and you have larger numbers. Follow to your daily limit if your account has more than 5000 followers. Unfollow the ones who don’t follow back within a week using a program like

2. Tweet consistently. Once a day won’t cut it. Buffer also has recommended tweets for you, so if you run out of ideas, use theirs. The ratio I use when I’m not being aggressive with my message is 1 tweet about my business to 3-5 other tweets not relating to my business. I can tweet my business, then use 3-5 Buffer tweets that they provide.

When I am feeling aggressive and want more leads, I tweet my business almost every tweet, but different ones for my business, 60 times a day. With 2 Twitter accounts going at once, that’s 120 tweets around the clock going to my capture pages.

Post unique tweets. The more you re-use a tweet the less powerful it is, unless it just sucks from the beginning. Google also picks up tweets in the beginning and if they have the right keywords, may rise in Google, but these tweets fall as fast as they rise in Google as well. So keep fresh tweets coming! Hope this helped. Please share this article if you found value.

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Is Your MLM Company Saturated?

is your MLM saturated

Is Your MLM Company Saturated? Hurry, Ground Floor Opportunity!

Yes, we’ve seen this “ground-floor Opportunity” too many times and does it really matter? What would happen if you were one of the first people to join a MLM company, maybe you joined even in “pre-launch” like I did. What if you sat back on your couch and watched TV, would this ground-floor opportunity make you tons of money?

Why does ground-floor matter? The company is hardly out of the gate and they probably have to fix a lot of bugs before things run smoothly, why would you want to go through the company’s growing pains? Do you like unpredictability?

Ground-floor doesn’t mean anything if the company is legit and has a legitimate product. Ground-floor WOULD matter if the company was a PONZi Scheme, because the first members of the Ponzi get most of the profits from new people joining, but if the Ponzi can’t grow it dies out.

Let’s say the company has been around for a couple years and has a million members worldwide. If there is 7 Billion on the planet, that would be .00001 saturation. I think technically saturation might be 25 percent and that is for one country. So, there is no way to worry about too many of your company’s distributors in one area. There’s just too many people.  Famous MLM Trainer, Todd Falcone, said that he knew someone who just signed up with Amway last year and made a million dollars. Obviously, Amway has been around for 50 years and it still has potential to make anyone who works hard a lot of money.

The conclusion is, if you are worried about saturation, this is an indicator that you are a novice and don’t understand the business. There is plenty of room for anyone who WORKS HARD to make a great living in any legitimate network marketing company. You want a business that has a solid track record, has been running for a couple years and has a solid balance sheet. You don’t want the overnight sensational new MLM that promises tons of money. Those are usually the ones that go broke and/or investigated by the Federal Trade Commission.

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Using Pinterest for your Network Marketing Business

pinterest for business marketing

Pinterest is the new kid on the block and has some serious opportunities for small business owners and network marketers. With Pinterest growing faster than any other social media platform recently, with 30 Billion pins and produces more referral traffic than any other social media site, it’s a haven to get back-links back to your site and sell your product using content rich pins.

Using Pinterest for your business marketing is going to fill in a huge gap where you couldn’t promote your products before. There are some tips I outlined below which will get you ready for the Pinterest marketing surge.

1. Get a Pinterest Business Account 

This is easy to do if you already have a Pinterest account. There should be a link in your settings where you can convert your account to a business account.  Nothing really changes. If you don’t have a Pinterest account, set one up now! Make sure and create 4 to 5 boards starting out, then you will go into each board and add keywords. This is important, most people don’t edit their boards in the beginning and they go “live” without being categorized or with keywords.

2. Follow Everyday & Pin Exciting Stuff!

If you are familiar with my social media tactics, you know I love to follow people. I worry about building relationships later. You can see on my Pinterest that I have almost 20k followers. I will unfollow the people that haven’t followed back in awhile using a program called, NinjaPinner. I then can unfollow all the unfollowers and tighten up my profile so my following and followers are about equal. So, follow up to your limit everyday, which is roughly 100 people. Don’t worry when you see the warning from Pinterest, saying you exceeded your limit of following, that’s just for the day, you are not kicked out permanently.

Pin exciting content, re-pin striking photos, infographics, and quotes. I will show you below how to get rich pins on your Pinterest.

3. Verify Your Website

You can add your website underneath your bio in settings. What you then want to do is get your website verified. Click on the verify website link and it will give you metadata to insert into your website, or you can upload a Pinterest doc they provide into your media folder, if you’re using WordPress. They might say you haven’t been verified, or unable to, but when I came back the next day my website was verified. So, there might be a one day delay. Once verified, you will rise in the Pinterest ranks.

4. Install Open-Graph Plugin for Pinterest

You will need to get your articles approved by Pinterest in order to creat “Rich Pins.” Rich Pins make your pins nicer and your website link is more visible. Once, you get a Open Graph Plugin installed on your WordPress website, you create a new article and copy and paste the URL of your article and submit it to the Rich Pin Validator. Make sure you learn how to configure your Open Graph Plugin, so that your Rich Pins get accepted.

Rich Pin Validator

5. Apply for Promoted Pins

Now, once you get the hang of pinning and following on Pinterest, you want to get on the waiting list for Pinterest’s Promoted Pins. They are just now rolling it out for large companies, like Kraft. But, we will be next and once you can promote your product on Pinterest, there’s no turning back! Apply for Promoted Pins.

Now, once you have done all these things I listed you will have a sound social media strategy for promoting your business on Pinterest. You will be ahead of the herd, so what will make you stand out even more is designing great pins for your business. If you offer a product, like a health supplement, make sure the picture is clear. You then can name your price for the pin and it will appear in the top right, like this:

Pinterest with prices


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Linear Versus Leveraged Income: How to Get Your Money Working for You

Linear versus leveraged income

First off, what is “Linear” income? It’s money earned solely on your efforts. If you make $14 an hour, that is the measurement of your efforts and your compensation. You work a full hour to make $14, and that’s before taxes. You probably walk away with $11.75 an hour after taxes. Yikes! Can’t really live on that, unless you get TWO JOBS. Now, you’re working 70 to 90 hours a week and you start snapping at people like a snapping turtle, because as Jack Nicholson said, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

What is “leveraged” income then? Leveraged income is usually made by business owners who have a workforce under them. Let’s take a landscaping company. Bob “Lawnmower” Smith has six employees who work for him. Bob usually doesn’t need to actually mow lawns anymore, but he once ran a marathon with his lawnmower!

He charges people who need their lawns mowed a price that would cover all his expenses, including the employees hourly wage and then extra for himself. So, if Bob charges $25 for one employee to mow the lawn, Bob is probably earning $13-15 an hour off of one working employee. Of course, this isn’t pure profit, Bob has to pay for gas, the lease on the work trucks, electricity back at the office, etc.

If Bob had 6 employees working a solid 7 hours a day, that’s 7 times 13 an hour. Bob is making roughly $91 an hour gross profit off of 6 guys who secretly want to kill Bob and be the BOSS.

Entrepreneurs only make “leveraged” income. They outsource what can be done by others so they can concentrate on creative development and other signature responsibilities beyond menial tasks. Oprah has hundreds of workers under her, but you only see Oprah on her show, but behind the scenes there’s furious little ant-like humans keeping Oprah alive and fresh with new content and interesting show guests. She also has hundreds of people working just on her magazine, but in the end she calls the shots of what she wants in her magazine and on her show.

Do not fear, ordinary people can also get “leveraged” income. Some people already know what “passive” income is. It’s income you can earn over and over again from things like, eBooks, music MP3′s, clothes, food, any consumable product which is sold over and over again. Leveraged income takes it a step further and you get paid on the efforts of others. So, how do we get paid on the efforts of others?

You start a home-based business and you get people signed up into your business and you tell them to recruit 2 to 5 people. If everyone on your team got at least 2 more people, you would then experience exponential growth. Your business would grow quickly from just you earning a small commission check, to earning a large commission check from hundreds of people. Although this is easier said then done. Some people won’t find their 2-5 people, and some people will quit right away. That’s why it’s important to keep recruiting until you find 2 to 3 people who build large organizations themselves.

It can be done and network marketing is growing fast as people realize their jobs and Social Security are not stable. More and more people are working from home, setting their own hours and loving it.

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What Your Mom Didn’t Tell You About Success


Your mom is usually right about everything. Sooner or later you will probably thank her. But, when it comes to online marketing and success, you need to throw her philosophies out the window!

For one, your mom probably wanted you to get along with everyone. Well, in Network marketing, online marketing & Entrepreneurship, you want to NOT hangout with your competition, but see what they do and possibly copy the successful ones.

Let’s also say that you are starting a new business, let’s say a Network Marketing business. You are excited about it, but you haven’t learned how to become “laser-focused” with your new business and you have not built up the proper self-esteem needed to keep working your business, so what happens when your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t support you, even ridicules you?

Throw them out with the bath water! No, not really, but how are you going to grow your business with unsupportive friends and family? You literally can’t, so make sure the company you keep supports you and doesn’t break you down.

I had to keep quiet about my new business for awhile because I knew my dad was cynical and my old friends were negative. I got rid of my old-friends already when I quit partying, but with my dad I didn’t tell him about my business until I was pretty confident about it.

I am fortunate that my girlfriend is an internet marketer herself and we build each other up everyday. Starting a new business has many ups and downs, especially Network Marketing, so if you’re all alone, you are in for a tough ride. Ways to survive the beginning:

1. Connect with your sponsor/mentor: This is so important. You are like a baby doe with gangley legs and there’s wolves all around waiting for you. You need support and guidance. Read books about your chosen profession, study tutorials online and pray.

2. Disconnect from the Past: The past is gone. Nothing you did in the past really matters and people are too busy thinking about themselves to think about what you did in the past, so get over it. Become who you want to be right now and get those dreams back. Anything is possible today with the internet and technology.

3. Opposition flavors your story: Every successful person has a great story of struggle. So, next time you feel like quitting, or half your team quits, remember that these experiences are what will attract people to you later on. If you don’t have a great story of how you overcame obstacles no one is going to have complete faith in you because you haven’t been challenged. Be strong and don’t quit whatever you do!

Thanks for reading!

Erik Brand

The #1 Network Marketer on Social Media