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Work With Erik

I was born a quitter. I had tried over 100 jobs by the time I was 35; dropped out of high school, Community College 5 times, art school, modeling, merchant marines and commercial truck driving school.

I needed a magic potion that would turn my life into a wonderful fairy tale where I succeeded at everything. . . and that was alcohol. Alcohol made me confident, it made me the life of the party, and it made me get in more trouble and quit more things than possible.

I woke up sixteen years later and looked back at my life. It was a war-zone. It looked like Berlin after WWII. Now, I had compounded failures, 16 years worth and a heart-attack at 32. Yes, lots of debt; Yes, lots of destroyed friendships & relationships. Yes, anxious and scared of my fellow man. I picked up Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and started to change my thinking.

I began to see my life change. I was always a big dreamer, even during the dark times, and Napoleon Hill spoke to me and I began thinking more about abundance. I began writing again. I wrote a memoir and several other books followed. I discovered residual income. It excited me to know I was selling books while I slept. But, the ebook bubble had burst on Amazon. There seemed to be more writers than readers and I was back to square one.

Then I discovered an industry where I could be my own boss and create my own business with very little overhead. Since jobs were hard to come by and I was sick of working odd jobs for little money, I jumped all in. Now, I teach others about this fascinating industry and how they can grow their own businesses to the point where they could take a month vacation and still get paid. If you’re a motivated individual who is tired of the Rat race and is seeking a means to supplemental income, or a full-time income, I would like to work with you. Click the link to get started: http://tinyurl.com/lhwvnbl

This is like starting any other business and it will take work. The difference between brick & mortar businesses and the business I’m going to show you is that brick & mortars are expensive to start and you are chained to it 24/7. The business model I’m supporting starts with 1-2 years of solid effort. Then, a passive residual income begins to happen. You will notice that you make more each month, until the exponential growth of your income allows you to do the things you want to do when you want to do them. You are suddenly set free and it feels amazing. You can throw your alarm clock away and begin to travel to the places you only dreamed about.

Click the link to get started today and I will see you on the inside: http://tinyurl.com/lhwvnbl

Helping People Escape The Daily Grind